This page is a page where all users are welcome to add the ranks of a fictional clan/army they have created, so conversions can be easier.

American ArmyAsgarnian Marine CorpsFacemask GangGielinor Defender GroupSocialistsDemon's Cloak
Private Page Junior Bandit Private Private/ Soldier Member
Private First Class Junior Marine  ? Lance Corporal Scout/ Sniper Scout
Corporal Marine Bandit Corporal Corporal Spy
Sergeant Sergeant Assassin Sergeant Sergeant Acolyte
Staff Sergeant  ?  ? Group Sergeant  ? Assassin
Sergeant First Class Senior Sergeant  ?  ?  ?  ?
Master Sergeant  ?  ?  ?  ? Wolf
Sergeant Major Line Sergeant  ? Sergeant Major  ?  ?
Second Lieutenant Knight  ? Lieutenant, 2nd Class  ? Infiltrator
First Lieutenant White Knight Head Gang Member Lietenant, 1st Class Lieutenant Lancer
Captain Knight Captain  ? Captain Captain Second Class Annihilator
Major Line Captain  ? Major Major First Class Annihilator
Lieutenant Colonel Executive Line Captain  ? Group Major  ? Special Master
Colonel Lord  ? Colonel Colonel Master
Brigadier General Sir (lower grade)  ?  ? Brigadier Minor Supporter
Major General Sir (upper grade)  ? General, 3rd Class  ? Supporter
Lieutenant General  ?  ? General, 2nd Class Field Marshal  ?
General/General of the Army  ?  ? General General Lord

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