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Planet of the Lost organization
Brothers of the Shadow Triads
Leader Halvinor
Also Known As Triad Brothers
Affiliated With Angeror, Various
Homeland/ Bases Halvinor's Moon, various other worlds
Notable Members Storas, Dirindo
Garrison Three members
First "Revenge of the Alone Ones"
Last Ongoing

The Brothers of the Shadow Triads were a trio of strange beings that were part of the Beings of Universal Power. They were at first neutral with the Universe and could be hired as merchants and traders, but they turned corrupt due to greed and became crime lords. They believed Angeror was the greater good, so they follow in his footsteps and ally with him frequently, mores specifically Halvinor.

The Brothers are Halvinor, Storas and Dirindo. Each change their form frequently to suit their purposes. Scorpio is a well known servant of the brothers.