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Battle of Varrock
Battle of Varrock (WildyWar) map

Wilderness Wars


February 10th, 204


Varrock, and into level two Wilderness


Avarrockan victory: Alliance forces routed.


Alliance of Similar Wildernessans

Avarrockan militia



  • ~6,000 invading troops (only 1,500 of which actually entered Varrock)
  • 200 troops in city limits at time of initial attack,
  • 1,000 troops in close vicinity of city
  • ~1,000 killed,
  • 350 taken prisoner
  • 286 killed-in-action

The Battle of Varrock was the battle that started the Wilderness Wars. It all started when the Alliance of Similar Wildernessans massed a division of troops just north of Varrock, and attacked with three battalions.

Lumber Yard Edit

The Lumber Yard was the first invasion point. The Allied forces entered Misthalin there (as seen in the map), and advanced south, down the road. At the intersection, just east of the Eastern Varrock exit, guards at the gate and a patrolling unit met with the invaders. They battled for a few minutes until reinforcements arrived, and pushed the invaders out of the city.

After this, the city requested reinforcements from the barracks at the Champions' Guild.

Grand Exchange and northern road Edit

AoSW soldiers

Some Alliance soldiers at the Grand Exchange during the momentary enemy occupation.

The second and third attacks happened from different locations than the first (as seen in the diagram), and happened at the same time.

Originally, Allied commanders planned on attacking at one point at a time if needed. When more resistance than estimated was fought at the first invasion point, it was re-decided to attack twice at once, rather than in echelon.

These attacks took longer to thwart, rather than the first, and even though Varrock had five times the ammount of soldiers at the time of the second attack than they did at the first. Nevertheless, they were thwarted.

At the collision of forces on the Northern road, they had to flank the Allied posistions and attack from the rear (as seen in the diagram).

In the Grand Exchange, however, the Avarrockan soldiers took advantage of the Allies' right flank falling back, and cut off the overwhelmed Allied soldiers in the middle, and took most as prisoners.

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