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Battle of Lumbridge

Asgarnia-Misthalin War (153 to 154)


Moevyng 1st, 154, to Moevyng 6th, 154


Lumbridge, Lumbridge swamps, mouth of the River Lum


Misthalin pyrrhic victory: Some of Lumbridge swamp burned down, Uptown Lumbridge destroyed, Lumbridge church partially destroyed (later rebuilt), Asgarnian forces massacred.





Duke Horacio

Line Captain Houinsburry

  • 600 infantrymen,
  • One battleship,
  • Two frigates
  • Asgarnian Homeland Fleet,
    • Four battleships,
    • Six frigates,
    • Seven landers,
      • 144 soldiers,
  • 1st Asgarnian Naval Fleet,
    • Three battleships,
    • Four frigates,
    • Six landers,
      • 120 soldiers
  • 375 infantrymen,
  • One battleship,
  • Two frigates,
    • One sunk,
    • One heavily damaged
  • All of Asgarnian Homeland Fleet,
    • Four battleships,
    • Six frigates,
    • Seven landers,
      • 144 soldiers,
  • Some of 1st Asgarnian Naval Fleet,
    • One frigate,
    • Four landers,
      • 120 soldiers
    • 48 sailors

The Battle of Lumbridge, this one in specific nicknamed the "Razing of Lumbridge", was one of the many battles in one of the many Asgarnia-Misthalin Wars.

Timeline Edit

Moevyng 1st Edit

  • Sometime around 20:45, the Asgarnian Homeland Fleet leaves from Port Sarim harbor for Lumbridge.
  • Around 22:00, the Asgarnian Homeland Fleet goes into combat with naval defenses of Lumbridge.

Moevyng 2nd Edit

  • Naval fighting restarts around noon. The one Misthalin frigate is heavily damaged, and floats itself back up the Lum to a shipyard by the Champions' guild.
  • The Asgarnian Homeland Fleet establishes a presence in the sea just south of Lumbridge.

Moevyng 3rd Edit

  • Nothing happens on this day.

Moevyng 4th Edit

  • Nothing happens on this day.

Moevyng 5th Edit

  • A battleship and a frigate finish their repairs at an allied Kharidian shipyard.
  • One lander from the Homeland Fleet lands in Lumbridge swamp to burn a way through to Lumbridge for easier invasion on the next day.

Moevyng 6th Edit

  • Misthalin ships from the Kharidian shipyard set out for Lumbridge.
  • At around 21:00, the Misthalin battleship and frigate attack the Asgarnia Homeland Fleet.
  • The 1st Asgarnian Naval Fleet leaves Port Sarim harbor to help with the assault on Lumbridge.
  • All ships, except for two battleships and the Asgarnian landers, are sunk in the engagement.
  • The two heavily damaged battleships crash on the shores of Lumbridge swamp. The landers land their troops. Shortly after, at around 21:30, the 1st Asgarnian Naval Fleet arrives at the scene. The landers from the "First Fleet" land upon the shore to invade Lumbridge.
  • Asgarnian soldiers, and some sailors, charge into Lumbridge from the South, and from the East through Uptown Lumbridge inwards. Uptown Lumbridge is destroyed. Lumbridge church is partially destroyed. Much of Lumbridge is on fire.
  • Misthalin troops massacre the invaders in an ambush from all possible directions.
  • A frigate of 1st Asgarnian Naval Fleet, "Heart of Asgarnia", is set on fire by angry Misthalin citizens. The frigate sinks.

Moevyng 7th Edit

  • In the mid-morning, all surviving Asgarnian forces move back to Port Sarim