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The Battle of Dragon Rock

The Karamjan Invasion


Fifth Age, year 456


Dragon Rock, a small island near Karamja


Dracomancer Victory


Dracomancer Fleet and Army

The Group of Amateur Sailors (GAS)


Lilius Mako

Sergant Acartus


Full army and fleet

100 medium sized ships and 1000 foot-soldiers


290 Dracomancers killed.

1390 humans killed.

The Battle of Demon's Rock was the beginning of the Dracomancer Invasion of the Bongo islands south of Karamja. The Dracomancers already had connections with the islands, but needed to protect them.

Prelude to the Battle Edit

On the 7th of Pentember, GAS troops marched onto Dragon Rock and took all of the natives prisoner. The natives then sent a scout message to the Dracomancers. The king at the time, Edwold Tyler, responed to GAS by demanding them to leave the island by the 10th.

The 10th of Pentember came, and GAS refused to leave. At 12:30 pm, The Dracomancers declared war on GAS. The entire fleet and army went on the 100 mile trip to Dragon Rock.

In preperation, GAS set up cannons along the coast. Their objective was to obliterate the ships before they reached the shore. The Dracomancers anticapated this, and took a less direct route. The Dracomancers landed on the shore at 10:25 pm, 13th October.

Early Stages Edit

GAS moved into the forest edge, picking a suitable point and standing in a firm line. The Dracomancers marched, archer-first, then followed by a thick line of Mages and Warriors. The Dracomancers attacked first, sending a heavy line of arrow-fire at the opposition. This set the opponent's side of the field a-flame, and this led the way for the archers in the air. The Air-force swooped in as GAS charged. The melee soldiers rushed forwards and came into contact with the enemy. Even though they had inferior weaponry and armour, GAS still stood firm.

Middle of Battle Edit

GAS was crafty. They sent soldiers to the shore and brought back the cannons. They then opened fire upon the Dracomancers. They were ripped apart by the force of the cannon.

Some warriors could split the balls in half before they hit them. The mages sent spells at the cannons with little sucess. But GAS had made one fatal error - they needed half their forces to use the cannons. The Dracomancers defeated the fighting soldiers, and then they had an open view of the cannons. A group of mages ran back to the ships and brought back the thing that would be their savior - the Catapults. Filled with enchanted balls of fire, these reined down upon cannons and their firers, killing the fighters and damaging the machinery.

Defeat Edit

Dragon Rock was liberated when the Dracomancers infiltrated the castle, Fort Corako, and killed Sergant Acartus. The GAS operatives were told never to come back.

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