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The Battle of Corako’s Fort

The Karamjan Invasion


Fifth Age, year 457


Dragon Rock, a small island near Karamja


Dracomancer Victory


Dracomancer Army

The Group of Amateur Sailors (GAS)


Lilius Mako

Lacarta May


half the army

50 medium sized ships and 100 foot-soldiers


98 Dracomancers killed.

All GAS humans killed.

The Battle of Corako’s Fort was a follow up of the Battle of Dragon Rock, where GAS attacked the island’s main fort.

Prelude to the Battle Edit

GAS was desperate for revenge after The Battle of Dragon Rock. They thought up a plan, and on February 4th, 457, they set sail.

Early Stages Edit

GAS landed on a small beach behind the Fort. Dracomancer troops had been warned before-hand about the arrival and had set up cannons along the coast, which destroyed many of G.A.S’s ships.

GAS sent fire-arrows down onto the castle, setting it a-blaze. A wyvern then used it’s breath to put it out. The Dracomancers arrived at the beach and drove them into the water.

Middle of Battle Edit

The GAS troops sent wave after wave of arrows and spells at their opponent, but the Dracomancers had the higher ground. It was a massacre, and no-one was left alive.

Defeat Edit

The Dracomancer fleet sailed to the GAS hide-out the next day, and killed everyone in sight. Their leader was killed at 11:23pm.

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