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Battle of Chaos Temple
Battle of Chaos Temple map

Wilderness Wars


March 27th, 204 to March 31st, 204


Chaos Temple


Southern victory: Chaos Temple captured, Allied forces routed.


Kingdom of Asgarnia and Kingdom of Misthalin

Alliance of Similar Wildernessans


King Byolni Adsrongi


  • 1,900 Asgarnian troops,
  • 6,900 Misthalin troops
  • 5,000 soldiers initially,
  • 800 reinforcing troops
  • 450 Asgarnian troops killed
  • 1,830 Misthalin troops killed
  • 4,200 soldiers killed,
  • 50 soldiers captured

After the Battle of Varrock, the Kingdom of Misthalin was very mad about the Alliance's unforseen attack. They returned the favor at the Battle of Chaos Temple.

Timeline Edit

March 27th Edit

  • A flanking force advances (as seen on the right side of the map) to attempt to catch the Alliance soldiers off guard at the hardest to reach flank.
  • The main group of siegers advance along the Western flank. They meet their first resistance at a small defensive line. They plow through it easily. They make a camp a bit further up from the first skirmish they encountered.

March 28th Edit

  • In the early morning, the soldiers on the Western flank attack the first real Alliance line of defense. They are fought back.
  • The flankers meet up with the main group, and encountered no defenses on the way there. They are positioned as reserve troops.

March 29th Edit

  • The main force attempts to break through the first Alliance line of defense. They don't get through.

March 30th Edit

  • For a third time, the main group tries to break through the enemy line. They do, but are stopped at the very next.

March 31st Edit

  • A three-pronged attack is planned by the main assault force (see image). The first group will go up the middle. The second will take the Eastern flank, and attack from there, while the third group will attack form the Western flank.
  • The three pronged attack confuses and overwhelms the Allied troops, and their lines break easily. The Eastern line does not, though, until they are attacked from the rear and overrun.
  • Misthalin and Asgarnia claim victory.
  • 50 prisoners of war are taken to the Draynor jail for further interrogation.

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