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Battle of Asgarnia

Fifth Age, Year 168


Asgarnia, briefly in Varrock


Asgarnian pyrrhic victory: Invaders defeated, defenders take heavy casualties


Asgarnian Marine Corps Rebel Paladins The Tjmp'hlckhms Order

The Legion of Skaroth The Smhkclh'pmjt Order

  • 200 Asgarnian marines
  • 100 Paladins

Were you looking for the role-play, RuneScape - Battle of Asgarnia?
A † denotes that an individual died during the battle.

The Battle of Asgarnia was one of the most vital battles in Asgarnian history. With all of the Asgarnian Army away at the time and the Asgarnian Marine Corps having taken over 99% casualties in the recent Karamja-Asgarnia War, Asgarnia was at its most vulnerable.

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