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The Battery Blaster is a fairly old weapon of the GDG, but like the Assault Laser it is very reliable and very much loved. It was concieved when Drauss issued an order to look into alternative weapons that did not involve lasers (at the time of the order, most if not all research carried out in the weapons department involved lasers of some form). The result was a very unique weapon - the Battery Blaster.

The Battery Blaster is called so because it blasts batteries at it's targets, although technically the batteries are not batteries, but tiny vats of acid. When fired, each Battery (called so for sheer ease of reference) locks onto a target and measures it's distance. When the battery is within moments of the target, it opens up a lid on it's top and allows a small amount of extremely corrosive battery acid to spill over it's target. In most cases death is immediate.

Although some consider the weapon macarbe, it is almost universally revered as a tide-turner and a useful accessory, if not in actual use. Killing has a moderate impact on the watcher, but seeing their buddy eaten to death by acid generally scares them to death, allowing the user of the Battery Blaster and his side to quickly win a battle. Also, it serves a similar, if much less precise method of creating passages as an Assault Laser. For these reasons, it is loved and cared for by every soldier.

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