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Assikai, also called the Southern Isles, is an archipelago of three islands to the south of Tokaji and west of Ganpon. It is the primary center for Fishing and Agility in the Eastern Realms. It is also the location of the Sea King's Lair, another new eastern dungeon which is the only source of the newest gem - Oceanite.


The town contains a bank, pub and fishing store. The pub sells beer and a new drink called Ocean's Scourge - which drains Defence by 5 but boosts Fishing by 3. The fishing store sells a variety of equipment:

There is also a sand pit for collecting buckets of sand.

Agility CourseEdit

The Assikai Agility Course is actually three courses in one: a basic course at 40 Agility, an intermediate course at 60 Agility and an advanced course at 80 Agility. The first course takes place on ground level - the player faces five obstacles: pipe, rope swing, crawl under net, stepping stones and a final wall hop. The rope swing and stepping stones can be failed, sending the player down into a small dungeon containing level 11 skeletons and hitting 30 damage. There is a ladder leading to the surface but each obstacle must be completed for full experience.

The intermediate course takes place above the ground. To get there, player must climb up a rope at the start of the basic course. There are then four more obstacles: edge along ledge, walk along plank, monkey bars and a final jump down. The edge, walk and monkey bars can all be failed, landing the player in the middle of the basic course and hitting 50 damage. As before, all obstacles must be completed for full experience. The final advanced course takes place under ground. Player must squeeze through rocks and then complete five more obstacles: wall climb, jump to fence, fence climb, jump to platform and rock climb. The wall climb and jump to platform can be failed, which will send the player into a spiked pit and deal 90 damage. The jump to fence and fence climb can be failed, sending the player into the skeleton dungeon and hitting 70 damage. As with the other courses, each obstacle must be successfully completed for full experience.

Fishing SpotsEdit

There are many fishing spots on the eastern isle.

Sea King's LairEdit

This is the only combat dungeon on Assikai. It is entered by the northern dungeon symbol on the minimap, on the eastern isle.