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The Assault Laser was among the first of the weapons developed by the GDG in its early period (when it was still the Space Defence Project). It was created by reverse-engineering the laser of a Cyberbody and then applying it to a basic shape that looks similar a modern-day (as in Earth modern-day) M-16 carbine.

Although it is not the first, the Assault Laser is the longest-serving weapon in the GDG, and is loved and respected due to it's reliability and long battery life. As such, it is carried by every soldier on the field who is capable of handling one.

The Assault Laser fires a beam of red light about two millimetres in diameter. At level one setting it can cause second degree burns on a human, whilst at level ten, its highest setting, it can easily melt small iceberg. The weapon can fire for a recommended maximum time of 76 seconds, but can continue to 189 seconds before overheating, but even so can remain firing for an amazing 351 seconds before it melts itself.

Because it is a self-steadying, very precise weapon, it is often used by strike squads to cut through objects such as doors or walls. Modified versions are provided to all the GDG's snipers and commandos as their default weapon.

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