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Asgarnian Marine Corps troops
The Asgarnian Marine Corps (also known as AMC) was one of the armed forces that Asgarnia had. They were similar to the soldiers of the Asgarnian Army, but were expected to do more with less[1]. The only requirements to join was to be at least 18 years old, and to be a resident of Asgarnia

History Edit

In year 6 of the Fifth Age, with the Asgarnian Army's tasks becoming more diverse, the AMC was founded. The corps's original purpose was to be the navy, and the soldiers on the decks of the ships.

By about year 90, a vote was ended, with the conclusion that the marines of Asgarnia would be allowed to fight on land, and not just on the sea.

Karamja-Asgarnia War Edit

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Mountain siege

UKT forces overrunning Marines.

The Marine Corps took a big blow in the Karamja-Asgarnia War. They took 99.5% casualties in the war, and left Karamja with one-man companies at times.

It was considered to completely disband the Marine Corps and merge them into the army. Sir McWhite begged the monarch not to merge yet, and give him nine months to get the corps back up and running.

Battle of Asgarnia (168) Edit

By the time Asgarnia was attacked the next year, the 35,000 needed replacements weren't done training, nor even all recruited. And of all times to be attacked, they were attacked when they didn't have one one hundredth of their forces.

They fought it out through the night, and they lasted. They took even more casualties, but still made it.

Units Edit

Pre-Karamja-Asgarnia War Edit

Before the Karamja-Asgarnia War, the Marine Corps was at its peak. Over 40,000 members at any one time. Their units were:

Years 167 and 168 Edit

After the Asgarnian Marine Corps took beyond astounding casualties in Karamja, its remmaining 200 members were divided into four distinct units, each defending a town.

  • "F Company" ("F" for Falador) was stationed all over Falador. Their company HQ was in the White Knights' Castle, the most well-defended place in the kingdom. F Company is part of "F Battalion".
  • "R Company" ("R" for Rimmington) was placed in Rimmington. Their HQ was their Line Captain's house. R Company is part of "F Battalion".
  • "S Battalion" ("S" for Sarim) was the biggest individual unit at the time. It was stationed in Port Sarim, the farm just north of Sarim, and down to Mudskipper Point.
  • "T Company" ("T" for Taverley) was mainly stationed in Burthrope, despite its name. It had troops in both Burthrope and Taverley.
  • The 1st Asgarnian Naval Fleet was stationed in Port Sarim with S Battalion. The whole fleet, excluding one lander which was elsewhere, was burned in the Battle of Asgarnia.
  • The 2nd Asgarnian Naval Fleet was stationed in Port Sarim also, but was at an unknown location at the Battle of Asgarnia.

Post-Battle of Asgarnia Edit

After the devastation that wrought Asgarnia after it was attacked by the Legion of Skaroth, the Corps got to rebuilding itself to the former force it was. The 1st and 2nd Marine Divisions were made active again, and the 3rd Naval Fleet was later formed.

Notable Members Edit

This is a list of all notable members of the Asgarnian Marine Corps, in order from highest to lowest rank. Italics indicate the name of the character. A number in parentheses indicate what year the character had the rank.

Ranks Edit

Enlisted Edit

These are the enlisted ranks of the Asgarnian Marine Corps in order from lowest to greatest. The rank in parentheses is the U.S. Army equivelant.

  1. Page (Private)
  2. Junior Marine (Private 1st Class)
  3. Marine (Corporal)
  4. Sergeant (Sergeant)
  5. Senior Sergeant (1st Sergeant)
  6. Line Sergeant (Sergeant Major)

Officer Edit

These are the officer ranks of the Asgarnian Marine Corps in order from lowest to greatest. The rank in parentheses is the U.S. Army equivalent.

  1. Knight (2nd Lieutenant)
  2. White Knight (1st Lieutenant)
  3. Knight Captain (Captain)
  4. Line Captain (Major)
  5. Executive Line Captain (Lieutenant Colonel)
  6. Lord (Colonel)
  7. Sir (Varies; usually either Brigiadier General or Major General)

Uniform Edit

Enlisted Edit

Enlisted men in the Asgarnian Marine Corps wore sets of White armor with their rank and unit insignia on their sleeves.

Officer Edit

Officers got a choice of wearing a set of White, Initiate, or Proselyte armor. On their sleeves, they had their unit and rank insignias also.

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References and notes Edit

  1. World War II U.S.M.C. reference. The marines of the in U.S.M.C. were given used equipment from the U.S. Army, and expected to go above and beyond with it.

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