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Aog bandos battleground

Bandos Battleground is the fourth single player campaign for Armies of Gielinor. The campaign involves the formation of Bandos' empire during the early Third Age, as he tries to conquer modern-day Kandarin and Feldip Hills from the various factions and armies present in the region.

The campaign begins in Test of Leadership.



Strength & HP of units listed, and tips to using them.

  • Goblin: Strength: 5, Class: Warrior, Speed: 5
  • Goblin Priest: Confuses all enemy units within 2 tiles, removing the defensive qualities of the ground on which they stand. Strength: 10, Class: Helper, Speed: 5
  • Barbarian: This unit can capture structures. Strength: 5, Class: Skirmish, Speed: 6
  • Ogre: Strength: 20, Class: Warrior, Speed: 3
  • Gorilla: Strength: 20, Class: Warrior, Speed: 4
  • Jogre: Strength: 25, Class: Warrior, Speed: 4
  • Hobgoblin: Capable of intercepting flying units. Strength: 15, Class: Warrior, Speed: 6
  • Barbarian Spear Woman: This unit can capture structures. As it is capable of taking over structures, and is the only ranged unit available that is not exclusive to specific levels, barbarian spear women are a very important unit. Strength: 7, Class: Ranger, Speed: 6
  • Cyclops: Enemy units within 2 tiles are paralysed with fear, unable to move or attack. Strength: 40, Class: Warrior, Speed: 3
  • Ogress: Strength: 20, Class: Warrior, Speed: 7
  • Ogre Shaman: Conjures a cloud of smoke that prevents ranged attacks to or by units within it. Strength: 20, Class: Helper, Speed: 3
  • Ork: Strength: 20, Class: Warrior, Speed: 5
  • Mogre: Amphibious. Strength: 30, Class: Warrior, Speed: 4
  • Ourg: The second-strongest unit in the entire game, and the strongest unit available during the campaign. Although slow and very expensive, it can destroy almost any unit it encounters. Any mountain tiles it moves to become open land, allowing other units to move through them. This can be useful to completing mountainous levels quicker, but it can also allow the enemy to reach and take over areas they normally would not, so be careful when using them. Strength: 55, Class: Titan, Speed: 3

Special UnitsEdit

  • Goblin Commander:
  • Goblin Scout:
  • Goblin Lieutenant:
  • Ork Executor:
  • Hunter Beast:


  • Iron Plate Armour: Gives one unit +10% defence against melee damage.
  • Steel Plate Armour: Gives one unit +20% defence against melee damage. Replaces Iron Plate Armour.
  • Mithril Plate Armour: Gives one unit +30% defence against melee damage. Replaces Steel Plate Armour.
  • Waders: Allows a unit to move faster over swamps and through rivers, as if it were amphibious. Useful for crossing water and marsh obstacles that feature heavily on many maps.
  • Stone Armour: Completely protects one unit from one attack (of any type), after which the armour is destroyed. Halves the unit's speed for as long as it is worn. Useful for keeping important units and leaders alive, at the price of that unit having their movement speed halved.
  • Granite Armour: Completely protects one unit from two attacks (of any type), after which the armour is destroyed. Completely immobilises the unit for as long as it is worn. Replaces Stone Armour. Useful for keeping important units and leaders alive, at the price of that unit being unable to move until the armor is destroyed.
  • Shrine of Bandos: Raises your favour with Bandos by 1. Allows you to avoid summoning a unit to get to the next level, thus preserving mana for tougher units.
  • Earthquake: Flattens a 3x3 area of mountains into open ground. As with ourgs, this can be useful to completing mountainous levels quicker, but it can also allow the enemy to reach and take over areas they normally would not, so be careful when using them.


Test of LeadershipEdit

In-game description: Bandos has given me a chance to become a commander in his armies. I'll need to prove my worthiness, and show that I'm more fitting to lead than the other commanders.

  • Difficulty: 1
  • Reward: Goblin
Starting Units
Player 10 Goblins, 4 Goblin Scouts (1 HP Goblin), 1 Goblin Commander (10 HP Goblin, leader)
Rekeshuun 7 Goblins (7 HP Goblin), 1 Goblin Commander (10 HP Goblin, leader)
Ekeleshuun 10 Goblins, 1 Goblin Commander (10 HP Goblin, leader)
Idithuun 5 Weakened Goblins (2/5 HP Goblin), 1 Goblin Commander (3/10 HP Goblin, leader)
Narogoshuun 10 Goblins, 1 Goblin Commander (10 HP Goblin, leader)
Opponent's Possible Spawns

All factions


Strategy: At first you should focus your attack on the Idithuun, since this faction starts weaker than the others. Use the goblin scouts to lure the goblin commanders away from their towers, since they won't move unless there's an enemy within their reach. Since towers give them 40% defence boost as well as health regeneration, the goblin commanders are pretty much invincible unless they're moved away from their position. The Rekeshuun are the toughest opponent, though they have a smaller army than the others, and they will often divide their forces between the Ekeleshuun and Idithuun. Once it's your turn again, the opponents' units have likely been substantially weakened by their fighting against one another. Use your goblins to finish them, so you can level your goblins. It's recommended to attack units with your commander as well, so he can get more HP and kill of other commanders with more ease.


In-game description: These lands are infested with local wildlife as well as an enemy fortress, which we could convert to a holy place to train our priests.

  • Difficulty: 1
  • Reward: Goblin Priest
Starting Units
Player 1 Goblin Scout (1 HP Goblin), 10 Goblins, 2 Goblin Priests, 1 Goblin Commander (15 HP Goblin, leader)
Animals 5 Black Bears, 5 Grenwalls (5 HP), 1 Dire Wolf
Paladins 5 Paladins, Paladin Commander (15 HP Paladin, leader)
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Animals None
Paladins None

Strategy: The paladins are the strongest units here, since they are warrior class units, as well as higher-levelled than your goblins. Kill the grenwalls first, but stay out of the dire wolves' reach. The Animals will then attack the Paladins and vice versa, both weakening them. Once it is your turn, prepare for an attack of the dire wolf. Let the paladins and animals fight each other and kill the weakened units. If you get the chance, try to kill the leader paladin, and then focus on the weakened animals.

Crazy Little ThingsEdit

In-game description: This small mountain is inhabited by Saradominist dwarves, skilled in metalwork. Perhaps we can take their precious armour, and put it to better use.

  • Difficulty: 1
  • Reward: Iron Plate Armour
Starting Units
Player 1 Goblin Commander (20 HP Goblin, leader), 2 Goblin Priests, 5 Goblins, 2 Goblin Scouts (1 HP Goblin).
Dwarves 5 Dwarves (10 HP Dwarf Cannon Dwarves, won't turn into cannons), 1 Black Guard Dwarf (leader)
Paladins 5 Paladins, 1 Monk
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Dwarves Dwarves (100 mana)
Paladins Paladin

Strategy: This is the very first level where you can spawn units. Focus on spawning goblin priests or barbarians if you have unlocked them. The Dwarves and Paladins get around 200 mana each turn, so they both summon two warriors each turn. You on the other hand only get 50 mana a turn, so it's recommended to stall mana and kill any unit who aims to take your portal. The black guard dwarf is the most dangerous unit you'll encounter on this level. If you have unlocked any of the more powerful units, like a Jogre, you can kill it yourself; otherwise you have to let the paladins kill it for you. The black guard can take hits from 3 full hp paladins/monks, hitting 5 each, the black guard dwarf can hit 8 on full hp paladins/monks. Goblins at most can hit 2 on the black guard, and thus are generally useless. You can risk your own goblin commander to kill the black guard, yet if killed you will lose the battle. Once the paladins have weakened the dwarf to 15 or lower, try to stand on their portal (use multiple goblins since you get damaged 3 per turn from the portal, or one barbarian). This will likely end in the paladins killing the black guard, and then the paladins being defeated due their portal being taken over, making you the victor.


In-game description: Our armies have failed to establish dominance over the lands we've conquered. We could solve this by enslaving these barbarians, so they can raid villages for us.

  • Difficulty: 1
  • Reward: Barbarian
Starting Units
Player 1 Goblin Commander (20 HP Goblin, leader), 2 Goblin Priests, 5 Goblins, 1 Goblin Scout (1 HP Goblin), all with flag trinkets
Barbarians 5 Barbarian Chieftains, 10 Barbarians, 5 Barbarian Spear Women (8 HP)
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Barbarians Barbarians, Barbarian Spear Women

Strategy: All your units start with a flag trinket, which means you can capture buildings. Rush your way to the first portal, and kill the barbarian chieftain and the barbarians while rushing towards there. Capture the tower, and possibly a village as well. The barbarians will capture all their villages very fast and will try to outnumber you. Do not let any barbarian take your buildings, especially when it is the first time you are playing this level. Kill the spear women before barbarians, since these can attack you on range. By the time you have reached the barbarians' portal, capture it if you have a barbarian or any units with flag trinket remaining, and kill all the surviving barbarians.

Dimming the LightEdit

In-game description: These paladins are the servants of Saradomin, the so-called "god of shiny light". It's time to snuff that light out.

  • Difficulty: 1
  • Reward: +5% Mana per turn
Starting Units
Player 1 Goblin Commander (20 HP Goblin, leader), 1 Goblin Priests, 5 Goblins, 1 Goblin Scout (1 HP Goblin)
Paladins 5 Paladins, 2 Monks, 1 White Knight (leader)
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Paladins Paladins, Barbarians

Strategy: This level that is actually not particularly difficult: the only problem you'll encounter being the white knight. The goblin commander will be able to defeat the white knight quite easily, especially if you give him power-ups, like armour. If you want to get a gold score, rush all your units to the white knight and summon a hobgoblin to help your commander (not an ogre, since they are slow).

Attack from the SkiesEdit

In-game description: The winged creatures of Armadyl are attacking us from their flying fortress in the sky. Kill them all!

  • Difficulty: 2
  • Reward: Hobgoblin
Starting Units
Player 1 Goblin Commander (20 HP Goblin, leader), 2 Goblin Priests, 5 Goblins, 3 Hobgoblins
Armadyl 5 Falcons, 3 Aviansie
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Armadyl Falcons, Aviansie (rare), Barbarians

Strategy: This level is actually very hard in the beginning; hobgoblins really help you out here. Although the opponent rarely spawns aviansie, the ones that have already been spawned are a big hindrance. In order to defeat the aviansie, you should surround them with goblins and let hobgoblins finish them. Take all the buildings and always kill the barbarians when you encounter them. If you've managed to conquer the tower in the centre of the level, you have a nice location to place your goblin commander: with the 40% defence bonus and the healing of 1 each turn, you can actually have a nice tank unit there. Block the enemy portal and place a barbarian on it as soon as you can, but watch out for aviansie.

March through the MarshEdit

In-game description: We should be able to reach a larger city through these marshes, which we shall claim in the name of Bandos. Before we can do that, we'll have to actually cross this cursed marsh.

  • Difficulty: 2
  • Reward: Waders
Starting Units
Player 1 Goblin Commander (20 HP Goblin, leader), 3 Goblin Lieutenants (10 HP Goblin, leader), 2 Goblin Priests, 5 Goblins, 2 Goblin Scouts (1 HP Goblin, with waders)
Cursed Swamp 1 Rotten Ent (30 HP Ent), 3 Moss Giant (20 HP), 3 Jade Vines
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Cursed Swamp Moss Minions (10 HP Moss Giants, 100 mana), Barbarians; has unlimited "Raise Soldier" turns one pile of bones into a skeleton warrior that can be used once per turn

Strategy: This is a pretty hard level, since it involves a titan and three moss giants, who as Guthixian units are unhindered by forests, although luckily they are slow. The Rotten Ent can soak a lot of damage, and unless you've unlocked stronger units, don't bother killing it. You do not have to capture all portals or kill all enemies: you only have to send the goblin commander and the three goblin lieutenants to the exit. If any opponent gets within the reach of your leader units, give your unit armour, which could save them. Use the goblin scouts to lure the Ent and perhaps even a moss giant away from the exit and your troops. Thanks to the waders they can walk over water, so remain close to water. Do not attack the second jade vine, since this will not hinder you (it actually hinders the opponent), and costs the swamp a lot of mana. Make sure you do not get any of your units killed (and if this happens send another unit to stand within the bones), since they will turn into skeletons controlled by the Cursed Swamp.

Army of the DeadEdit

In-game description: This area is inhabited by dark wizards, who can raise the dead to do their bidding. A curious tactic, but it won't stop us from wiping them out, and turning their city into a base for our ogres.

  • Difficulty: 2
  • Reward: Ogre
Starting Units
Player 1 Goblin Commander (20 HP Goblin, leader, with flag trinket), 3 Goblin Lieutenants (10 HP Goblin, leader), 3 Ogres
Dark Wizards 6 Necromancers, Pewarna (35 HP Zamorak Mage, leader), 3 Zamorak Mages
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Dark Wizards Barbarians, Necromancers, Zamorak Mages; has unlimited "Raise Soldier" turns one pile of bones into a skeleton warrior that can be used once per turn

Strategy: It is really important to stay out of the mages' reach during this level; else they'll be able to instantly kill any of your units. You can give unit that approach the mages armour, but if it is not yet runite armour or higher, it will not protect you from the mages! Your portal is surrounded by bones, so send goblins (or barbarians) on them during the first turn, since if they're left open, the Dark Wizards might cast raise soldier spell on them, turning them into skeletons. The Dark Wizards will eventually bring forth a huge army of skeletons, which can kill goblins and barbarians with ease, so focus on spawning hobgoblins and perhaps goblin priests. The Dark Wizards have a key building, the Dark Temple, which is within their city walls. If you're able to send a barbarian to take it over, you can win. A great tactic is to use goblins to lure Pewarna out of the fortress, so you can send a barbarian to capture the temple and win the level immediately. Spear Women if unlocked can hit 6 at most mages but not at necromancers.

Armour of SteelEdit

In-game description: Servants of Zamorak are attacking a dwarven fortress, which use metal from their rich mine to forge stronger armour than what we've looted before. Kill them all, and claim the armour for our disposal.

  • Difficulty: 2
  • Reward: Steel Plate Armour
Starting Units
Player 1 Goblin Commander (20 HP Goblin, leader), 4 Goblins, 2 Ogres
Dwarves 5 Black Guard Dwarves, 4 Dwarf Cannons, 1 Barbarian Chieftain
Zamorak 3 Black Knights, 4 Werewolves, 1 Necromancer, 1 Zamorak Mage, 1 Hellhound
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Dwarves Black Guard Dwarves, Barbarians
Zamorak Barbarians, Werewolves, Necromancers, Black Knights, Zamorak Mages

Strategy: In this level Zamorak will mostly try to commit a suicide attack with their weaker units on the dwarves. Most of their units will be killed by the cannons, but the hellhound will always be successful in wounding one of the cannons (the cannon will have only 5 hp remaining). This will become the fortress' weak spot, on which you can send your hobgoblins to attack the dwarves. Do not use ogres, since they are too slow. First you should make sure that you can enter the dwarves' fortress by destroying at least one cannon. Then focus on Zamorak, since he is capable of summoning necromancers and even worse Zamorak mages. Zamorak will also focus on the cannons so once you have an opening, capture his portal. Then start summoning lots of goblins as meat shield for the other cannons and attempt to capture the dwarves' portal.

Forest of the ApesEdit

In-game description: Gorillas are powerful creatures, but they serve a goddess who doesn't see their value in war. It's time to turn them into worthy soldiers by taking their precious forest from their useless goddess.

  • Difficulty: 2
  • Reward: Gorilla
Starting Units
Player 1 Goblin Commander (20 HP Goblin, leader with flag trinket), 2 Goblins, 2 Goblin Priests and 5 Ogres
Gorillas 10 Gorillas (all with flag trinkets)
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Gorillas Gorillas

Strategy: This level is actually harder than it seems, since you do not start with a portal. You will have to walk at least three turns while the Gorillas have a portal already. Do not capture anything else than the portal with your Goblin Commander, otherwise the Gorillas will reach your commander and kill them, guaranteeing your defeat. The Gorillas tend to go through trees (even though it slows them), so it'll take a few turns before they will reach your Goblin Commander. As soon as you have the portal, summon barbarians to capture any buildings, while you must summon at least one ogre to protect your portal from Gorillas (watch out for Gorillas who still have flag trinkets). Cyclopes will help a lot in this level, if you have unlocked them. Note that the Gorillas cannot summon barbarians, so if you capture something, they cannot capture it back unless they have units with a flag trinket.

The JungleEdit

In-game description: This coastline is covered with a thick jungle. Perhaps they can be used to unlock new potential for the ogres.

  • Difficulty: 2
  • Reward: Jogre
Starting Units
Player 1 Goblin Commander (20 HP Goblin, leader with flag trinket), 2 Goblins, 5 Ogres (with +5 melee attack)
Jungle 4 Moss Giants, 3 Jungle Wolves (Dire Wolves), 1 Lion, 3 Jade Vines, 5 Jungle Bugs (5 HP Locusts), 3 Savages (10 HP Barbarian Spear Women), 2 Gorillas, 1 Druid
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Jungle Savages (150 MP), Gorillas, Jungle Bugs (100 MP), Jungle Wolves

Strategy: This level can be won by either killing all opponents, taking the portal or by having any ogre standing on the Forest Centre tile. The savages of the opponent can capture one house per turn and a tower within only in two turns. The bugs are a hindrance since they can poison your units! And take a close look to Moss Giants and the Lion, especially the moss giants are dangerous since they have a speed of 4 and can walk through wood tiles unhindered. You can kill the jade vine, but it's recommended to just make a path, since the jade vine costs the opponent a lot of mana and they will likely summon a savage before spending mana to regrow the Vine. Although they do have very powerful starting units, they will not spawn anything really strong out of the portal. A great tactic is to have two hobgoblins to take out any bugs with you and have the ogres with +5 melee attack ready to kill a moss giant. An empowered ogre will hit 15 at a moss giant, lowering his hp to 25 and the moss giant will hit 12 back if you attack them first, a goblin priest will also become handy here since this will block any defensive boost from tiles (such as wood) from any opponents. If unlocked Ogresses are handy since they are quick units that can help with the long walk of this level. If you have unlocked mogres, you can actually send some to the portal and let them stand on it (be wary however for bugs, they poison your units).


In-game description: After we rejected a cowardly truce from the Elves, they decided to launch an attack against our army. We shall make sure that they'll come to regret their mistake!

  • Difficulty: 2
  • Reward: +5% Mana per turn
Starting Units
Player 1 Goblin Commander (20 HP Goblin, leader), 8 Goblins, 4 Orks, 2 Goblin Priests, 2 Hobgoblins
Elves 3 Dire Wolves, 1 Falcon, 3 Elven Pikemen, 3 Elven Archers, Drawiadir (Elf Lord, leader)
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Elves Dire Wolves, Falcons, Elven Pikemen, Elven Archers, Barbarians

Strategy: This level has lots of mountains in the south, but lots of forest in the north. Even if you have unlocked the ability to walk faster through the forest, elves are mostly fast as well as powerful soldiers so do not underestimate them. The elves mostly send out all their units except for Drawiadir directly to your portal, while using barbarians to capture structures. So be prepared for a heavy fight in the first few turns. It is recommended to send your Goblin Commander back while you use the goblins to block this huge army. The Falcon should be killed with the hobgoblin before becoming too troublesome. Do not forget that you have four orks; these are valuable soldiers since they can instantly kill those annoying archers. Pikemen are the most dangerous enemy, so try to take these out first. This level becomes increasingly harder if you do not capture any buildings, so make sure you have enough! A handy tactic might be using goblins (and perhaps barbarians) for blocking while you send an ogre to the location. Earthquake or an Ourg can be used in this level to reach an extra tower, which you can capture.

Battle at Bloody BeachEdit

In-game description: Saradomin has sent knights to protect his soldiers, who are struggling against Zamorak's forces. This is a great opportunity to show our strength by crushing both armies.

  • Difficulty: 2
  • Reward: Commander Unit will now always start with iron plate armour (even on previous levels)
Starting Units
Player 1 Goblin Commander (20 HP Goblin, leader), 8 Goblins, 2 Goblin Priests, 1 Goblin Scout (1 HP Goblin, with Poison), 2 Hobgoblins
Saradomin Sir Benson (30 HP White Knight, leader), Lady Ruth (30 HP Saradomin Mage), Sir Julio (30 HP Saradomin Ranger), 1 Monk, 10 White Knights, 2 Barbarian Chieftains, 10 Paladins (3/10 HP)
Zamorak 3 Zamorak Mages, 3 Hellhounds, 5 Werewolves, 1 Black Knight, 2 Barbarian Chieftains
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Saradomin White Knights, Barbarians, Monks
Zamorak Black Knights, Barbarians, Necromancers

Strategy: During this level Saradomin is the most powerful opponent and trying to rush to Sir Benson will be very hard, since he will always be protected by other knights and healed by monks. Zamorak will only spawn monks once many bones are lying on the map. It's recommended that you rush to Sir Julio since he can kill the Zamorak mages quite easily and Zamorak mages are helpful against the constant waves of White Knights. Focus your attack on Saradomin and take their settlements until they are greatly weakened, then you should take Zamorak’s key building (Cursed Tower), to prevent Zamorak growing into a (too) powerful opponent before you kill Sir Benson (any stronger unit can be used). Note that you start with a goblin scout who can poison and has Sir Benson in his reach, but do not use him in the earlier turns, since Saradomin will simply summon a monk who then will heal him. Do this once Sir Benson is further away from his portal.

Priw AndraEdit

In-game description: Our army has failed to conquer the mighty gnome city in the north. It's time to launch an unstoppable assault to destroy this city, and then replace the incompetent commander...

  • Difficulty: 2
  • Reward: Possibility to upgrade the Commander Unit to a Hobgoblin (the strength of the unit will not change, but the speed will become 6 and they will be able to hit flying units) this will work even on previous levels. If you have unlocked any additional abilities for other races, these will not work.
Starting Units
Player 1 Goblin Commander (20 HP Goblin, leader), 8 Goblins, 2 Goblin Priests, 3 Hobgoblins, 2 Ogres, 2 Jogres
Commander Murknose (Ally) Commander Murknose (10/20 HP Goblin, leader), 7 Goblins (3/5 HP), 2 Goblin Priests (6/10 HP)
Priwguir 10 White Wolves, 2 Druids, 10 Mounted Terrorbirds, 5 Gnomecopters, 5 Battle Tortoises, 4 Jade Vines (1 in each corner of the city)
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Commander Murknose (Ally) Goblins, Goblin Priests (rare)
Priwguir Barbarians, White Wolves, Druids (rare), Mounted Terrorbirds (most common), Gnomecopters (rare), Battle Tortoises (rare)

Strategy: This level has five portals, one in the very centre of the map, and one in each direction, one being occupied by you, one by the gnomes and one by Murknose. At the beginning of the level, you will see Commander Murknose's army being outnumbered and slaughtered by the gnomes, although they do have two towers, one portal and four houses, thus they get 300 mana each turn. You can try to save Murknose, but you should use barbarians to capture buildings while you send your units to tactical positions. Any unit with 17+ strength can instantly kill a terrorbird, so it is recommended to use them. Levelling your hobgoblins is an excellent idea. Once General Murknose is dead, the gnomes will focus their entire military on you, and especially the gnomecopters will be a hindrance. This level has a lot of trees so goblins (who aren't being slowed down) are recommended to kill of any weakened units. Druids should be killed as soon as you can, since if you don't kill them, you'll constantly have to worry about boosted units. Once you're near the walls you should kill the first Jade vine in order to enter the city: however, this will allow the gnomes to summon even more units (since they are really mana intensive). The Battle Tortoises are the most dangerous opponents in this level, however even though gnomes can spawn them, they rarely will. The most hindering thing in this level is your units' speed. If you have unlocked the +1 speed perk that will be really helpful, although when you have taken over all 4 portals, the speed will become less important. Barbarian spear women are recommended, since they're just as fast as normal barbarians, but they can damage one of the Gnomecopters while walking towards a structure. This level will become easier if you've unlocked additional units, such as cyclopes. Mogres shouldn't be used on this level at all, since not only they're slower and more expensive than Orks, they have the same combat stats and the level has no water for mogres.

Dark WoodsEdit

In-game description: Dark wizards are corrupting these woods in order to create an army of living trees. We shall destroy them before their mission is complete.

  • Difficulty: 3
  • Reward: Goblin units (including commanders, lieutenants and scouts) will now be able to walk through trees without losing speed.
Starting Units
Player 1 Goblin Commander (20 HP Goblin, leader), 8 Goblins, 2 Goblin Priests, 1 Ogre, 1 Hobgoblin, 1 Goblin Scout (1 HP Goblin, with Poison blade)
Zamorak Mage of Zaroth (40 HP Zamorak Mage with +10 Magic damage and +3 range, leader), 5 Zamorak Mages, 2 Necromancers, 3 Rotten Ents (30 HP Ent), 5 Moss Giants (20 HP)
Saradomin 2 Paladins, 2 White Knights, 1 Barbarian Chieftain, 1 Priest, 1 Centaur
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Zamorak Barbarians, Necromancers, Zamorak Mages, Moss Giants (20 HP, 200 mana)
Saradomin Paladins, Monks, White Knights, Saradomin Rangers, Saradomin Owls

Strategy: During this level, it's important to avoid killing any ranged unit from Saradomin, since they're able to kill Zamorak’s mage units better than your units can. Try to lower Saradomin's mana income to 200, so that he's likely to summon rangers. Zamorak is the real opponent during this level, especially the moss giants and the ents, who can walk through forests unhindered. The forest is not a completely bad thing, since the enemy mage and ranged unit are unable to shoot through wood tiles. The Mage of Zaroth is an incredibly strong opponent, capable to instantly kill any Bandosian warrior unit in one hit. The first turn you should send your Goblin scout into a suicide mission, so you can poison this mage. The mage then will kill one of the Paladins, before Saradomin will strike him with both the Centaur and a paladin, causing the hp to drop to around 15. Zamorak will not simply die in 15 turns, because the Mage of Zaroth will rest at the temple. Zamorak will likely send up to two of his ents to fight Saradomin, meaning that you will have to deal with one or two. Saradomin has a habit of blocking the ents with owls and then finish them off with rangers. It is recommended to use a goblin to lure the ent to Saradomin's portal, since Saradomin can easily deal with it using that tactic. The moss giants are yours to take, and can be dispatched with any of the stronger Bandosian units.

Skavid MountainEdit

In-game description: A race called Skavids has offered Bandos hundreds of chests full of gold in return for us banishing the other gods' armies from their mountains. Bandos has ordered us to enslave the skavids and take their mountain, as their lands are ideal place to train our shamans.

  • Difficulty: 3
  • Reward: Ogre Shaman
Starting Units
Player 1 Goblin Commander (20 HP Goblin, leader), 8 Goblins, 2 Orks, 2 Goblin Priests, 5 Ogres and 1 Ogre Shaman (with charcoal)
Zamorak 10 Zamorak Mages (with +5 magic strength), 10 Zamorak Rangers (with +5 ranged strength), 5 Werewolves, 5 Black Knights, 2 Necromancers, 4 Skeletons, Ra'zul Zaroth (60 HP Greater Demon, leader)
Saradomin 5 Paladins, 2 Monks, 2 White Knights, 2 Saradomin Rangers, 3 Saradomin Mages, 2 Barbarian Chieftains, 1 Unicorn
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Zamorak Barbarians, Werewolves, Necromancers, Black Knights
Saradomin Paladins, Monks, White Knights, Saradomin Rangers, Saradomin Mages, Barbarians

Strategy: Due to Zamorak's unreachable mages and rangers, this level might prove to be difficult. However you have an ogre shaman, who can surround themselves and the area around them with smoke, making any magic or ranged attack unable to hit the target. Surround the shaman with the orks and the ogres, while you use the goblins to defend against Saradomin, and perhaps kill the chieftain coming to your way. Without the ogre shaman this level kind of feels like reverse tower defence, where Zamorak is in control of the towers, and you send your troops to being slaughtered before you can even reach Ra'zul. Although Ra'zul seems invincible with his 60 HP, he is assaulted by two of Saradomin mages, and will be damaged to around 30 HP before the mages are killed. Zamorak will likely attack Saradomin first and will get more mana than Saradomin, so Saradomin won't last really long. Once your reached Ra'zul, Saradomin is likely almost defeated, so make sure you have a barbarian for a smooth takeover (although if Zamorak defeats Saradomin instead it's fine, all you need to do is kill the Greater Demon, yet be wary for black knights). Use the orks to kill Ra'zul (if not enough an ogre helps you too) and then you win.

If you have earthquake, you can speed this level up by destroying the mountains, meaning that you can kill Ra'zul quicker.

Swamp TrekkingEdit

In-game description: A few goblins were sent to investigate a large and deadly swamp claimed to make its victims crazy, and they've subsequently gone insane, deserting our army. We shall kill these traitors!

  • Difficulty: 3
  • Reward: Goblin units (including commanders, lieutenants and scouts) will now be able to walk through the swamp losing less speed (from 1/3th of their speed to 2/3% of their speed).
Starting Units
Player 1 Goblin Commander (20 HP Goblin, leader), 8 Goblins, 2 Goblin Priests, 1 Ork Executor (45 HP Ork, with +5 melee damage and 6 speed), 1 Goblin Scout (1 HP Goblin with waders)
Cursed Swamp 3 Goblin Deserters (10 HP Goblin), 1 Insane Priest (20 HP Goblin Priest), 3 Moss Giants, 3 Jade Vines, 3 Rotten Ents (30 HP Ent), 3 Sea Slugs, 1 Zamorak Mage (30 HP, Guard, will cast unlimited "Raise Army" which turns all bones in a 3x3 area into skeletons until the mage is dead and has +3 magic range)
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Cursed Swamp Moss Giants, Barbarians

Strategy: In order to win, you need to kill all three Goblin Deserters, the Insane Priest and the Zamorak Mage. This level is far harder, yet similar to the Cursed Swamp you encountered earlier. The Ork Executor is a big help. It is recommended to send a few higher HP units close to bones (30 HP+): the bones will turn into skeletons, which will always attack the first enemy they see, which can be a nice way to level your units. The Zamorak mage is the most deadly opponent in this level: do not let him kill your Ork Executor. It's recommended to distract and eventually surround him with goblins (lots and lots of goblins), and then let your Ork Executor kill him. Use the goblin scout to lure at least one ent away. Ogresses in this level will be an advantage, since they can walk 7 squares. Mogres can be useful as well. All three Jade Vines will block your path, so you'll either have to kill them completely, or kill them enough so you have a path. Keep an eye for the sea slugs, since they can take over any goblin, or worse perhaps even your commander (if weakened, meaning that you will lose). Give one unit waders (not a suicide unit), so you can travel the swamps quicker. If you play this level again, play with a goblin commander, since they can rush through the swamp now, which can be useful.

Legend of the PontusEdit

In-game description: Legendary female warriors called the Amazons inhabit a fortress in these lush forests. What they lack in strength, they make up for their ability to take control over any settlement, a talent useful for our armies.

  • Difficulty: 3
  • Reward: Barbarian Spear Woman
Starting Units
Player 1 Goblin Commander (20 HP Goblin, leader), 8 Goblins, 2 Goblin Priests, 1 Ogress, 1 Goblin Scout (1 HP Goblin, caged)
Amazons Hippolyta (30 HP Barbarian Spear Women, with +5 ranged damage and +3 range, leader), 30 Elite Amazons (20 HP Barbarian Spear Women with +5 ranged damage and +1 range), 16 of them are caged
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Amazons Amazons (20 HP Barbarian Spear Women, 400 mana)

Strategy: This level has two sides, the Amazons' Fortress, which is actually solid ground, and the swamp, at which you start. In the swamp you can find a tower close to the portal, as well as two houses in the north and two in the south (total of 225 mana a turn). If you're able to reach the settlement, you should also take control over the second portal and the house to the north. At this time you can actually summon two hobgoblins each turn, or one ogress. Hobgoblins and the starter ogress are the key in this level, especially against the Elite Amazons and Hippolyta, since they have 6 speed and 4/6 range. If you have access to ogresses that would be really helpful! Do not worry about your caged goblin scout, he will be killed as soon as the first Amazon is summoned out of the portal. The Amazons will take over their entire settlement consisting of 10 houses (250 mana) and 1 portal (50 mana) in two turns, and later they'll also take control over four Towers (300 mana), which means they'll get 600 mana a turn (enough for 1,5 Amazon each turn). After taking over their main settlement, they'll start sending waves of Amazons against your forces, and after taking over their tower, they'll send all of their forces against you. The golden rule for this level is not to let any of the Amazons come close to any of your settlements, since they take them within 1 turn, no matter what type it is. The Amazons' Fortress is guarded by four "towers" of 4 caged Elite Amazons. An elite spear woman can hit 15 each, so you will have to bring a fast unit to rush inside the fortress without damage. If you have Blessed Rune Armour it's recommended to give it to your invading unit (only when the unit isn't nearly dead yet) This will lower the attack of any normal Amazon to 3. If it is your Ogress, you should send her to Hippolyta at once. Once you killed Hippolyta (she must be killed to win), you win.

An alternative way to win (the Trojan Horse tactic) is to use an Ogre Shaman to win. Although they're slow, they can protect themselves and their surroundings against any ranging unit, meaning that they'll be invincible to the ranging amazons. This is not without danger, as the Amazons will simply go to your portal, hoping to take it over. You should surround the ogre shaman with powerful units and barbarians like this:

. . Soldier . .
Soldier Barbarian Soldier .
Soldier Barbarian Shaman Barbarian Soldier
. Soldier Barbarian Soldier .
. . Soldier . .

The soldiers can be used to kill any Amazon while on the way, while you can send any barbarian to capture their buildings.

Beasts of the PontusEdit

In-game description: Before we conquered the Amazons, they struggled to keep back this region's beasts. Bandos will reward us once we prove our strength by doing what the Amazons couldn't: by killing every last one of these beasts!

  • Difficulty: 3
  • Reward: Commander Unit will now always start with steel plate armour (even on previous levels)
Starting Units
Player 1 Goblin Commander (20 HP Goblin, leader), 3 Goblins, 2 Goblin Priests
Beasts 1 Lion, 10 Hedera (Jade Vine), Hedera's Heart (20 HP Jade Vine), 10 Falcons, 3 Hellhounds (All three start with Entangle, so they won't move after 3 turns)
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Beasts Falcons; If portal is blocked, the Beasts will cast Clone 5 at the Falcons once every turn

Strategy: Start this level with hobgoblin as commander, which is very useful against the endless army of falcons. This level is based on the Labours of Hercules, and is relatively hard: not only because you start with very few units, but also because you will not receive much mana. Beasts will receive a lot of mana, but most of it will be spent to keep the Hedera alive. First you should focus on the lion, since that is no doubt the most powerful opponent the enemy has, and the hellhounds are too far away to reach you for a while. The Hedera will grow very quickly in the beginning, but you should just ignore that, since it costs the opponent lots of mana every turn. It is recommended to wait until the lion is close to the portal, and then attack it with lots of ogres to kill it. (Ogres will hit 10 at the lion each, so you will need 4). Once the lion is dead, start summoning hobgoblins to deal with the annoying Falcons, while you prepare the ogres to kill the three hellhounds. The three hellhounds will always remain close to each other, so it is useful to sacrifice one goblin and then kill them with stronger units. You should kill of the Jade Vine with Spear women, and then finish the Heart with a Jogre. At this point you will (nearly) stand on the falcons' portal. Send a Spear woman to capture it, and you will win. Do not send barbarians, since the falcons will kill them.

Darkness in the SkyEdit

In-game description: A servant of Zamorak has launched an assault with a flying army against one of Armadyl's citadels in the sky, not far from our borders. This could become a profitable situation to expand our lands.

  • Difficulty: 3
  • Reward: Hobgoblin units (including commanders) will now be able to hit flying units as it was super effective and will have an extra defence against flying units.
Starting Units
Player 1 Goblin Commander (25 HP Goblin, leader), 2 Goblin Priests, 10 Goblins, 4 Ogres, 4 Jogres (All units start with grappling hook), 3 Hobgoblins
Armadyl Ra'tawk (40 HP Aviansie, leader), 10 Aviansie, 5 Falcons
Zamorak Gar'gor Alyaroth (60 HP Greater Demon, leader, with grappling hook), 10 Gargoyles, 1 Red Dragon
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Armadyl Falcons, Aviansie, Barbarians
Zamorak Gargoyles, Barbarians

Strategy: If you wish you can switch your leader unit to Hobgoblin, but that's not really necessary, since all goblins start with a grappling hook. Although as the reward of this level will be increased damage with Hobgoblins against flying units that could be an advantage when you try to get golden score.

During this level Zamorakian units and Armadylean units will be focusing on each other. They will rarely send anything at you, so you should prepare a hobgoblin, ogre shaman and goblin priest army. The goblin priests can remove tile defensive effects (which is handy), the ogre shaman will protect your units against Zamorak's ranged attacks (yet not close combat) and the hobgoblins are the only ones that can attack flyers (save from barbarian spear women, but they're not as strong). You should use spear women to capture structures, however. The red dragon should be killed by your units as soon as you get the chance, since it will kill too much aviansies, causing Zamorak to gain the upper hand and then focus entirely on you. If Armadyl gets the upper hand it will be less dangerous then Zamorak, since Zamorak has higher-levelled units and they will attack you with range attacks (or close combat if there is an ogre shaman close to their target) so it is recommended to at least weaken Zamorak and take some of the structures before focusing on Armadyl. Once Gar'gor and Ra'tawk are defeated, you win.

The Slug MenaceEdit

In-game description: General Bigfist's army appears to have been taken over by mysterious sea slugs. We'll have to deal with them, before they become a threat to our campaign.

  • Difficulty: 3
  • Reward: +5% Mana per turn
Starting Units
Player 1 Goblin Commander (25 HP Goblin, leader), 2 Goblin Priests, 10 Goblins, 4 Ogres, 4 Orks, 4 Hobgoblins
Sea Slugs General Bigfist (25 HP Goblin, partial leader), Slug Queen (unattackable, can take control over other units, and once the unit is dead she will be converted back at the Slug Queen state), 5 Huge Slugs (30 HP Sea Slug, double speed), 2 Crocodiles, 10 Goblins, 2 Goblin Priests, 2 Orks, 10 Sea Slugs
Saradomin Sir Berus (40 HP White knight), 5 Paladins, 4 Barbarian chieftains, 2 Monks, 5 White Knights
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Sea Slugs Goblins, Goblin Priests, Sea Slugs, Barbarians, Crocodiles
Saradomin White Knights, Paladins, Monks, Barbarians

Strategy: The Slug Queen is dangerous, because she is unattackable, but you can let her control a weak goblin, so she will be nearly harmless. Do take notice that even if the Slug Queen has a goblin host, she can do a suicide attack against any of the more powerful units to get rid of the host. However, she will not be able to move again that turn, so you should run away from her, or offer her another goblin. Any unit at or below 10 HP can be taken over by slugs, so take an eye to that!

First you should send all goblins to the Huge Slugs, to let them take control over them. If you really think you can safe your units against the sea slugs, you can't. Instead, you should let them take over goblins, since otherwise they might take over your Orks! You can try to send your orks to there, but they will fail, since you will be just out of reach due to the swamp. Once you end the turn the sea slugs will take over all 5 Paladins, 2 Chieftains, 1 Monk and 2 White Knights (with Huge Slugs), and they will try to kill Sir Berus (and thus defeating Saradomin). You should send support to Sir Berus, because you cannot win this on your own (unlike Port Phasmatys of the Zamorak Returns campaign). Once you made sure Berus is alive, begin focusing your way to General Bigfist. General Bigfist has a portal close to him, which will spawn Bandosian units; if you are able to kill General Bigfist the Sea slugs will lose the ability to summon any Bandosians. Once Bigfist is dead you should take the portal (which has died out by now), and then the settlements around it. Now you can try to (finally) kill Sir Berus, as you will not need him anymore. Once you have dealt with him, The Slug Queen is the only thing you will have to worry about. You should then send a barbarian surrounded by hobgoblins to the Slug Queen's portal. Mogres can be an advantage in this level, since then you can skip a part of the level.


In-game description: Saradominists have built a thriving city at the foot of Gu'Tanoth, yet they've failed to realize that they're trapped between a mountain, a river and the sea. Let's show them the consequences of their mistake.

  • Difficulty: 3
  • Reward: Stone Armour
Starting Units
Player 1 Goblin Commander (25 HP Goblin, leader), 3 Hobgoblins, 2 Orks, 1 Goblin Priest, 5 Goblins, 3 Ogres, 1 Goblin Scout (1 HP Goblin, with poison)
Saradomin Theseus (50 HP Centaur with +5 Ranged damage and +3 Range, leader), 5 Centaurs, 1 Priest, 10 Paladins, 5 White Knights, 4 Saradomin Mages (guard), 3 Owls, 2 Monks, 3 Imcando Dwarves (30 HP, close range mages, with stone armour)
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Saradomin Paladins, Monks, White Knights, Saradomin mages, Saradomin Rangers, Centaurs, Barbarians

Strategy: If you have earthquake, use that immediately to remove the mountains, so you don't have to walk around them. If you do not, then you'll have to walk a lot longer around the mountains. Send the Goblin scout to poison Theseus, and while he'll be healed the next turn, you'll reduce the enemy's damage dealing potential and force his priest to return, which can turn out beneficial later on. Saradomin will start by sending a wave of five Centaurs, with White Knights on their wake. If you do have the mana, try to counter this with a shaman, which is also handy for the rest of this level. The Orks are very valuable, so do not just waste them, especially if you haven't unlocked them yet. This level is an open battlefield; you really should bring a shaman if you don't want to take much damage. The settlement is guarded by four Saradomin mages: they hit high on you but will be useless against the shaman. The Imcando Dwarves are the slowest units there are, so ignore them, since they only walk 1 square each turn (2 when on track), and they can only use magic on units directly next to them. That is, unless you break their Stone Armour, in which case they will become double their speed (3 speed) and can become a hindrance! Once you brought a shaman and at least two orks inside the city, kill Theseus with the orks, and the mission is completed!

Wild FieldsEdit

In-game description: Ogresses are superior to their male counterparts, but the two genders cannot live together without falling to infighting. Once we've slaughtered the beasts that live on this field, it'll be a great place for the ogresses to live.

  • Difficulty: 3
  • Reward: Ogress
Starting Units
Player 1 Goblin Commander (25 HP Goblin, leader), 5 Goblins, 1 Goblin Scout (1 HP Goblin, with poison), 3 Ogresses, 3 Barbarian Spear Women (10 HP and +5 ranged damage)
Beasts 3 Lions, 5 Black Bears, 5 Falcons, 10 Dire Wolves, 5 White Wolves, 3 Hellhounds, 1 Red Dragon
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Beasts Black Bears, Falcons, Dire Wolves, White Wolves, Hellhounds, Barbarians

Strategy: In this level you actually start with three armies and three portals. If you split your mana enough between all three portals, you will not have trouble with this level. The goblin commander spawns with five goblins at the north side, the Ogresses start at the west side and the Spear woman start at the east side. The spear woman should kill the red dragon, since three of them can kill it. While going to the beast, make sure you let them capture structures. The Ogresses should rush to the lions. They will encounter the hellhounds while going there, but they can make short work of them. The goblins will have to fight with the wolves, then the Black bears, and later on the dire wolves. The Dire wolves are the hardest opponent, and will slaughter all goblins easily, so make sure you do have hobgoblins to counter them. You will need to support the ogresses with more ogresses or hobgoblins as backup. If you can, summon a cyclops or even an ork here, since they’re strong and not too slow or expensive. When most starting units are dead, the Beasts will begin summoning a various amount of units, and send them in all directions. The Hellhounds at this point are the most dangerous units; however you can deal with them. Once you managed to get close to the centre portal, you should attempt to capture it.

Big High HillEdit

In-game description: A hobgoblin artisan wants to build a throne for Bandos on top of a mountain inhabited by dwarves trying to mine precious mithril ore, and lava creatures who try to defend their mountain, so he can overlook our victories in the south. Crush all the opponents, for the glory of Bandos!

  • Difficulty: 3
  • Reward: Favour of Bandos
Starting Units
Player 1 Goblin Commander (25 HP Goblin, leader), 5 Goblins, 2 Goblin Priests, 3 Goblin Scouts (1 HP Goblin, with 7 speed)
General Blork (Ally) General Blork (30 HP Ork, leader with +5 melee damage), 5 Orks, 1 Ork Scout (10 HP Ork)
Lava creatures 10 Tzhaar-Ket, 3 Barbarians, 3 Fire Elementals (30 HP Pyrelords, can walk quickly at lava tiles)
Dwarves Commander Hardin (30 HP Black Guard Dwarf, leader), 10 Black Guard Dwarves, 3 Dwarven Cannons (with Magnesium)
Opponent's Possible Spawns
General Blork Orks
Lava creatures Tzhaar-Ket, Barbarians
Dwarves Black Guard Dwarves, Barbarians

Strategy: You will actually have an ally in this level, but if you do more damage than him you get the "Bandos Favours Me" achievement, yet since the units your up against are no less than orks, Bandos' third strongest units in raw power and relatively fast as well, this is really hard to achieve, and you will need the maximum mana boost, favour of Bandos to begin the level with, lots of mana, and you actually should sabotage the orks by standing in front of them and take over their structures (they won't attack you if you do), but if the orks are completely defeated, this achievement will be won. The lava creatures actually possess three titans, which are considered dangerous, since they can walk quickly through lava tiles. You should focus on the dwarves, since the orks can defeat the Tzhaar better than you do. By spawning ogresses, you will have the advantage of superior speed. The dwarven cannons will walk all three next to each other and will not chance until your units get close, so use your goblin scout to turn them in their cannon form as quickly as you can. If you do this the right way, you can actually walk around the three deadly cannons. Focus on killing Commander Hardin; once he is dead you should help the orks with killing the lava creatures.

Cowards Must DieEdit

In-game description: As soon as the dwarves managed to empty the mithril deposits, those cowards fled from the mountain. Cowards must die! Slaughter them all and take their precious armour!

  • Difficulty: 3
  • Reward: Mithril Plate Armour
Starting Units
Player 1 Goblin Commander (25 HP goblin, leader), 5 Goblins, 2 Goblin Priests, 5 Hunter Beasts (30 HP Dire Wolves with 10 speed, +5 melee attack and poison), 3 Orks
Cowards Captain Grondaban, Captain Krung, Captain Grund (all 25 HP Black Guard Dwarf, partial leader), 5 Black Guard Dwarves, 5 Dwarves (10 HP Dwarf Cannons who cannot turn into their cannon form): all starting units wear Mithril Plate Armour
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Cowards Black Guard Dwarves; Has unlimited "Mithril Plate Armour" which gives one unit +30% defence against melee damage, and which they can use on new units once every turn.

Strategy: To win you need to kill all three captains before they leave through the exit. You will start with five Hunter Beast, you can send them against the Black guard dwarfs, but you should rather send them to the Dwarf captains. Note that they will be slowed down by trees and they are weak to all the opponents units. It is recommended to send an ogress with waders as backup, and use earthquake to get rid of the mountains at the beginning. From there you should create a few warrior units that can protect yourself against the Black guard dwarf spawns and barbarians to take their settlements to lower their mana. Yet the partial leaders should be your focus. The greatest danger in this level is the ability to use mithril armour on all units. A Cyclops can be an advantage, since they can paralyze all targets so they will lose the ability to walk, and then kill them with barbarian spear women so you can capture buildings with boosted barbarians. Use goblins (who are less slowed by swamp), to delay the captains so you have more time to execute them.

Mountain DestroyerEdit

In-game description: These mountains, devoid of resources, are used by flying gnomes to their advantage, stopping us from annexing their fortress. Bandos has sent ourgs as assistance, so they can tear the mountains down with their bare arms.

  • Difficulty: 3
  • Reward: Earthquake
Starting Units
Player 1 Goblin Commander (25 HP Goblin, leader), 8 Goblins, 2 Goblin Priests, 4 Orks
Ourgs 5 Ourgs
Gnomes 20 Gnomecopters
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Ourgs Has unlimited "Earthquake" which they use once every turn (They do not have a portal, or structures: instead, the player receives around 200 extra mana once they move for the first time)
Gnomes Gnomecopters, Barbarians

Strategy: This level has a lot of mountains and at some parts the mountains even block the map completely. At the beginning you'll be unable to advance, so send all your units as south as possible, or if you're playing this level again, use Earthquake so you can walk slightly to the south. Use Shrine to Bandos to skip level 1 units (even though this costs only 50 mana, you can better use it for a barbarian), and then focus on summoning Barbarians and Hobgoblins, and nothing else. At some point the gnomes will try to slower your units down by standing in front of them, but the ourgs will still continue to do Earthquake once every turn. Note that if all Ourgs die, you'll be unable to reach the portal, so you'll have to restart, unless you've unlocked ourgs yourself (although you still might want to restart since it will become hard to get golden score). If you have enough hobgoblins, you can summon a few ourgs to break the mountains, yet there isn't any track in this level (note: titan units aren't affected by track anyway but still). Once you finally break through the mountains, you can take the "beach" in the south, which doesn't have anything other than normal tiles and water. Once you take control over the Portal or the key building, the Air Tower (tower), you win! It's recommended to take the Air Tower instead of the portal as taking it over instantly makes you win, however since if there's a surviving barbarian, you'll have to kill him first to win.

Your Sole PurposeEdit

In-game description: Bandos has returned, and has brought with him an army of one-eyed giants, who've made it their sole purpose to serve our lord. Pleased with his new throne, he'll send them to help us take over the huge plains contested by our armies and Saradomin's army.

  • Difficulty: 4
  • Reward: Cyclops
Starting Units
Player 1 Goblin Commander (25 HP goblin, leader), 8 Goblins, 2 Goblin Priests, 5 Hobgoblins, 5 Ogres
Cyclopes (Ally) Odyssey (50 HP Cyclops, with +5 melee attack, leader), 10 Cyclopes (they will not attack you, but they can paralyze you!)
Saradomin Firenze, Bane, Ronan and Magorian (all 30 HP Centaurs with 10 speed, +5 ranged attack, partial leader), 20 Unicorns (with 10 speed and +5 melee attack)
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Cyclopes Cyclopes
Saradomin Unicorns, Centaurs, Saradomin Mages, Barbarians

Strategy: Despite Saradomin having access to only four different units, this level is harder than it looks. The battlefield is a large open terrain, and the units Saradomin sends are fast ground rushers, who can take you down before you realize it. Keep an extra eye to the units who walk at the track. The Cyclopes, though on your side, will approach your units often and then paralyze them, giving Saradomin the opportunity to attack them. Odyssey is a stupid brute, as he will rush towards the portal of Saradomin and might even get killed. If you're on your own, Saradomin will become a true hindrance, though you might still be able to win if you use ogresses. However Saradomin will also send up to three of his Centaur commanders into a suicide attack. If you either take the portal or kill all the Centaur commanders, you win.

While Distracted...Edit

In-game description: Saradominists have built a tower for their mages in this port. Their arrogance and weakness has come to bring them down. While distracted by the sea slug invasion, we shall bring death to them all, and take this port as our own!

  • Difficulty: 4
  • Reward: +5% Mana per turn
Starting Units
Player 1 Goblin Commander (25 HP goblin, leader), 8 Goblins, 2 Goblin Priests, 5 Hobgoblins, 5 Ogres, 5 Cyclopes
Saradomin 3 Priests, 5 Paladins, 1 White Knight (Trapped), 10 Saradomin Mages, 4 Barbarian Chieftains
Sea Slugs 10 Sea Slugs, 2 Monks, 2 Paladins
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Saradomin Paladins, Monks, Saradomin Rangers, Saradomin Owls, White Knights, Saradomin Mages, Unicorns, Centaurs, Priests, Barbarians
Sea Slugs Sea Slugs

Strategy: Despite your large starting army, this level is harder than it looks. You will have to summon as many barbarians as you can during the first turn and send them all inside the port's walls so you can capture some structures. During the first few turns Saradomin will by busy destroying the sea slugs. The Sea Slugs will take control over some of their units, but they will eventually be defeated, after which Saradomin will focus on you. At this time you should at least have taken a few settlements since you will have to face his entire army. Saradomin gets more mana than you so you need to strike quickly, else you will fail. Keep spawning barbarians, and perhaps you might win. Earthquake can be used to gain access to two towers which are a huge help, however one White Knight is trapped inside there, so you will need to deal with that unit before taking control over the towers. Once you've forced your way inside the city, things become easier. This level might require a few tries, since it is also based on luck.


In-game description: General Oorlog wants to conquer the city of Mithros, located south of this swamp. His ork army is unable to cross the swamp on their own, due to their heavy weight, the roaming swamp beasts, and the dwarven defences. Help him through the swamps.

  • Difficulty: 4
  • Reward: Any unit will now lose less speed in the swamp, they will now traverse the swamp at 2/3 (from 1/3rd of their speed) speed. Goblin units (including commanders, lieutenants and scouts) will now be able to walk at 80% of their speed.
Starting Units
Player 1 Goblin Commander (25 HP Goblin, leader), 8 Goblins, 2 Goblin Priests
Oorlog General Oorlog (Ourg with 5 speed, Leader), 5 Orks
Swamp 10 Crocodiles, 10 Sea Slugs, 3 Moss Giants, 3 Rotten Ents (30 HP Ent), 3 Jade Vines
Dwarves 3 Dwarf Cannons, 3 Black Guard Dwarves
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Oorlog Orks
Swamp Crocodiles, Sea Slugs, Barbarians, Moss Giants
Dwarves Black Guard Dwarves

Strategy: This level's most important enemy is the Swamp, who is so powerful that it hinders all the other factions (including Dwarves). Capturing their structures is highly recommended, but you won't be able to capture all of the structures. Unlike swamp levels before, they will not focus on letting their Jade Vine grow to huge sizes, and instead use it to block the road. Since it is not a "Cursed" Swamp, the Swamp won't have access to any undead units. Since the opponent mainly uses amphibious units, or units that aren't hindered by trees, this can still be quite the challenge. You win once General Oorlog reaches to the exit-tile. If General Oorlog dies, you lose. First you will need to make sure that the Rotten Ents (who can hit 27 on other titans) are either executed by Oorlog or shielded from him. If Oorlog strikes first, he won't be damaged. Oorlog has the habit of getting "distracted": he will kill any unit he can reach. The Jade vines are quite a hindrance in this level; you will need to break through all three of them. Ogresses are recommended due to their speed. Keep an eye to sea slugs, as you do not want them to take over any of your units. Oorlog will spawn an extra Ork every three turns, unless you capture his structures. If you take over his portal, Oorlog will not die, but he will lose the ability to spawn Orks. Once you go down further you will eventually encounter the dwarves, though they rarely go far away from their portal. The Dwarven cannons should be dissembled before Oorlog gets close to them, because they can kill him before he reaches the exit.

As soon as you complete this level, you can try it again with units who can walk slightly faster through the swamps. The achievement Perfect Guide can be obtained by letting Oorlog exit, without him having received a single damage. He can kill other units, but only if they have less than 45 HP.


In-game description: Both the Dwarves and Gnomes have a large city at the Southern Sea. They've joined forces and gathered their armies in hopes of stopping our advancement. Let them try: we shall smite them all.

  • Difficulty: 4
  • Reward: Any units will now be able to walk through trees at 75% of their speed, except for goblins who walk at 100% of their speed.
Starting Units
Player 1 Goblin Commander (25 HP Goblin, leader), 8 Goblins, 2 Goblin Priests, 4 Ogres, 4 Ogresses, 4 Jogres, 4 Hobgoblins, 4 Cyclopes, 4 Orks
Defenders 10 White Wolves, 3 Druids, 10 Black Guard Dwarves, 10 Dwarf Cannons, 3 Void Knights, 10 Mounted Terrorbird, 10 Gnomecopters, 5 Battle Tortoises
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Defenders Black Guard Dwarves, Barbarians, Mounted Terrorbirds, Gnomecopters, Battle Tortoises (If they capture a portal they can also summon White Wolves, Druids and Void Knights)

Strategy: When you first see the level, it looks like you are heavily outnumbered. Do not worry: you have access to a large amount of soldiers, and the Defenders will have lower income of mana than you very early in this level. Send all of your units, including the Goblin Commander, to the south. This is a very open battlefield, but the Defenders aren't able to spawn any mages or rangers to be used against you. This level doesn't have many trees, so they won't hinder your units any further. The Dwarf Cannons are the most dangerous unit, but you can counter those using Shamans or ogresses. You can get access to a lot of towers very early, so you do have a small bonus for mana. It is very important to capture the second portal, before the opponent does it. Defenders have two portals, but they are portals spawned by portal mages, and they are limited to dwarves and gnomes respectively. If they can capture a portal they can also summon White Wolves, Druids and Void Knights. Defenders will first send White Wolves at you. You can easily kill them, so do this. As soon as they are dead, use the Ogresses to convert the dwarf cannons into their cannon form. If you do this too late, the cannons can hinder your advancement, or you can wait for them to become closer so you can use a Shaman with other units to take them out. You have two portals at one point, try to take control over the dwarven portal first since they can only summon black dwarf guards. Use any of the more powerful units that are capable of instantly killing them, and perhaps even Cyclopes this is handy to paralyze them as well. Once the dwarven portal is down, focus on the Gnomes, use hobgoblins to take out gnomecopters, and keep an eye for tortoises. The Terrorbirds mostly will just kill themselves, since they will only be able to hit 7 on any warrior class-unit. If you use units with 25+ health such as Jogres, the terrorbirds will only suicide attack themselves, if you use them on an offensive the terrorbirds will be killed. Take over their second portal and kill any remaining barbarians and you will win.

The Void from OverseaEdit

In-game description: These lands were nearly conquered by our forces, until ships with hundreds of soldiers arrived, pushing our forces away. We shall finish what we started, and make sure that none of the invaders will survive!

  • Difficulty: 5
  • Reward: +5% Mana per turn
Starting Units
Player 1 Goblin Commander (25 HP Goblin, leader), 8 Goblins, 2 Goblin Priests, 4 Ogres, 4 Jogres, 4 Hobgoblins, 4 Orks
Void Knights 5 Barbarians, 10 White Wolves, 5 Druids, 20 Void Knights, 10 Moss Giants, 3 Ents
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Void Knights White Wolves, Druids, Void Knights, Moss Giants (rare), Barbarians

Strategy: Do not summon any Ogre Shaman in this level, this is completely useless, and might in fact only hinder you. The Void Knights will capture structures really quickly, since they have five barbarians and use druids to boost them. The wolves will be the first opponents you'll encounter due to their speed. The Ents will arrive in 10 turns, so do not worry about them. The Void Knights are the most dangerous unit, and they will often be boosted by the druids as well. Cyclopes can be used to paralyze any approaching unit. Ogres and other stronger units can instantly kill wolves, so Ogresses could be great wolf killers. Moss Giants should by Paralyzed by cyclopes, and then possibly being attacked with spear women, before you finish them off with your cyclops. An Ourg can be great against Ents, but only if the ourg attacks first, then he can instakill them. Do note that Ents have 4 speed as opposed to the ourgs 3 speed and if the Ents attack first, they will hit 40 on the ourg while getting damaged with a mere 13. Void Knights can best be killed by Orks or Jogres, or whatever higher levelled warrior unit you have at hand. Do note that any warrior-unit will hit 50% of their health rounded down. Once the earlier waves are defeated, you should outmana the opponent by taking all their settlement, before launching a grandscale finishing attack.

Army of StoneEdit

In-game description: A Zamorakian demon has captured a few dwarves sculptors of Mithros and forced them to carve Gargoyles out of granite blocks. Crush them all, before their army of flying terrors is complete.

  • Difficulty: 5
  • Reward: Granite Armour
Starting Units
Player 1 Goblin Commander (25 HP Goblin, leader), 8 Goblins, 2 Goblin Priests, 4 Ogres, 4 Jogres, 4 Hobgoblins
Zamorak 10 Gargoyles (with Granite Armour), 10 Hellhounds, 2 Necromancers, Zo'rak (60 HP Greater demon with +5 Melee Attack, leader), 5 Black Knights, 5 Zamorak Rangers, 5 Zamorak Mages
Dwarves 20 Dwarven Crafters (1HP Dwarf Cannon Dwarf), 5 Black Guard Dwarves, Commander Rocko (30 HP Black guard dwarf, leader): all units have Grappling Hooks, even the ones he will spawn later.
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Zamorak Werewolves, Necromancers, Zamorak Rangers, Black Knights, Zamorak Mages, Hellhounds, Gargoyles, Greater Demons, Barbarians
Dwarves Black Guard Dwarves, Barbarian

Strategy: The first turn you should capture as much as possible, and level to 2 as cheap as possible (you can buy a goblin, or use shrine of Bandos, so you can summon an extra barbarian). Send all the goblins (except commander) to make a wall. Send the Hobgoblins directly behind the wall and the (J)ogres as defence against Dwarven attacks (just them being there will actually scare them away). When Zamorak begins he will send his Rangers and Knights to nearly out of his walls, and he is not able to move any of the Gargoyles. He will move the circling at the Dwarven Crafters, like they are guarding them. He will not move the mages. The Dwarves will send all the crafters to dead, and will free the Gargoyles from their Granite, so they will be able to move. They will then send barbarians to gain mana, and will send the Black guard to block their entrance fortress. On your turn, try to kill one of the Gargoyles with you hobgoblins, while you keep the goblin wall. When they break through the wall they will kill the hobgoblins, ignore the Hellhound they are less dangerous than the gargoyles. Zamorak will send all of his gargoyles towards the enemy and from there the real fight begins. He will use the necromancers at the location where the crafters died to summon skeletons, who he will use as a wall later on. He will first send barbarians and werewolves (the later towards the dwarves), while you will have to deal with the stronger units. You should now send the (J)ogres towards the fortress since you will need them, and kill as many Gargoyles as you can, and perhaps also a hellhound or two. Leave the dwarves alone, you can always kill Rocko later. Towards this point the dwarves will be under attack, but they will be able to safe themselves, so do not help them. Zamorak will begin spawning rangers and black knights, and perhaps even more barbarians. A cyclops can be advantageous, so perhaps you can spawn some. Ogresses are great too due to their speed. You can summon an Ogre Shaman, but they will not help too much due to the fact that they will need five turns to reach the fortress walls. At this point you will need to become Zamorak's most hindering faction, else he will start focussing on the dwarves, which will cause them to kill Rocko, take over their portal and then take over all buildings which makes them super powerful. Make sure that the necromancers aren't able to create a skeleton wall, since that delays you. At a certain point Zamorak will begin to spawn even more Gargoyles, although they do not have 32 strength like the previous ones, they are still dangerous. Zamorak will likely not summon Greater Demons however. When you and the dwarves advance, you should be able to take one of Zamorak's four portals and gain more influence at this area. Once you have one, you can finally bring that shaman. From here it will go downhill for Zamorak, but do not completely erase him yet, since you can still cause him to weaken the dwarves before you destroy them completely. Once both Zo'rak and Rocko are dead, you win!

Slaughter of the ElvesEdit

In-game description: Anticipating our attack, the gnomes begged the elves for protection. They have answered, and sent support for the gnomes. This doesn't matter, our and General Wagak's armies shall slaughter them and conquer their lands.

  • Difficulty: 5
  • Reward: Ork
Starting Units
Player 1 Goblin Commander (25 HP Goblin, leader), 8 Goblins, 2 Goblin Priests, 6 Hobgoblins
Orks (Ally) General Wagak (40 HP Ork, Leader), 12 Orks
Gnomes 10 Mounted Terrorbirds, 10 Gnomecopters, 5 Battle Tortoises
Elves 10 Elven Pikemen, 10 Elven Archers, 2 Elven Songstresses, 1 Elf Lord, 3 Crystalline Shape-Shifters (guard)
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Orks Orks, Barbarians
Gnomes Mounted Terrorbirds, Gnomecopters, Battle Tortoises, Barbarians
Elves Elven Pikemen, Elven Archers, Barbarians

Strategy: This level has a few mountains, especially to the south. As soon as you start send barbarians to all locations close to your portal, and prepare to summon a few hobgoblins. The Orks will likely kill most Archers and weaken the Pikemen, but if you wish to help you can send your hobgoblins (and even goblins) to weaken and perhaps even kill some of the Archers, killing the Pikemen is something you should leave to the orks since else you get lots of counter damage. The Gnomes and Elves won't attack each other and will send all their faster/close units to both your army and the orks. Especially the Terrorbirds can be dangerous for your goblins. The Elves will begin spawning Archers during the earlier turns and later they will switch to pikemen, while the gnomes will focus on Terrorbirds until you get closer. General Wagak is actually relatively tactical and he is a great help. When the Songstresses get closer look out, they have the ability to make rangers a lot more effective to your warrior units! You should focus on dispatching them. Once you have captured a great deal of structures you should send a large offensive towards the Elven or Gnome portal, look at which one is weakened the most and focus on that portal. Once one of them is defeated, you may conquer all the buildings around it, although that might not even be needed if you have enough mana. Focus on the other one and you will win.

Fall of the Mithril CityEdit

In-game description: General Oorlog's army has made great progress in breaking through the defences of Mithros. The time has come to assist him in delivering the final push, and witness the Great City of Mithril fall by our hand.

  • Difficulty: 5
  • Reward: Commander Unit will now always start with Mithril Plate Armour (even on previous levels)
Starting Units
Player 1 Goblin Commander (25 HP Goblin, leader), 8 Goblins, 2 Goblin Priests, 4 Hobgoblins, 4 Ogres, 4 Jogres
General Oorlog (Ally) General Oorlog (60 HP Ourg with 5 speed, Leader), 10 Orks
Dwarves 30 Dwarf Cannons (10 at Western Entrance, 8 divided at the northern wall, 8 divided at the southern wall, 4 at the Castle (the castle has +10 fire damage and is caged)), 20 Mithril Guard Dwarves, 5 Dwarf Lieutenants, 5 Dwarf Captains, 5 Dwarf Colonels, 3 Dwarf Commanders, 1 Supreme Commander (All Black Guard Dwarves with Mithril Plate Armour, the Supreme Commander has 30 HP and is the leader unit, while any other ranked dwarf is a sub-leader they must be killed to progress the assault), 10 Elite Mithril Guards (30 HP Black Guard Dwarves with +5 Melee attack), 10 Dwarven Civil Guards (10 HP Dwarf Cannon that cannot turn into their cannon form), 5 Druids
Opponent's Possible Spawns
General Oorlog (Ally) Orks, Cyclopes, Barbarians
Dwarves Dwarven Civil Guards (100 Mana), Mithril Guard Dwarves (20 HP, spawns with Mithril Plate Armour, 200 mana), Druids (rare), Barbarians

This level is slightly different than other levels, since the city itself has walls that will be only removed once a sub-leader unit is killed. General Oorlog will start north of the city, starting with 4 towers and 1 portal (he gets 350 mana each turn, mostly spending it on one ork and one barbarian), while you start west of the city with 1 portal, 2 towers and 2 houses (250 mana). The Dwarves start only with four portals, but they will conquer houses really quickly! General Oorlog's orks behave similar as the Orks encountered in GWD, if one gets killed, the unit who did so will be targeted by at least one other ork the next turn. Oorlog's army will kill three of the Lieutenants during the first turn, and lots of Mithril guards will be slain, and you will have to deal with two Lieutenants. General Oorlog will destroy the mountains on his path to enter the city, at a similar location as the 29 Agility shortcut located in Oo'glog. You can help him by using earthquake, but you must wait until he and his orks has reached the mountains, not use it immediately, else he will become food for the cannons and he will be swarmed by dwarves. The Dwarves will first all walk to you, but they are very slow and hindered by the walls, so do not worry. During the first turn you should kill the first Lieutenant, and make sure you can kill the second one on your second turn, kill all the other dwarven guards as well. Note: All dwarven guards are wearing mithril armour thus they receive 30% less damage from melee units! The next turn kill the other dwarven lieutenant, you should be able to enter Mithros now (else there is a wall at the only entrance), yet this is highly guarded by 10 Dwarven Cannons, an Ogre Shaman should be used to help. You should defend your portal until you can summon an ogre shaman. You can also send a barbarian, to capture any structures between the sea and the southern wall, though you must not send your barbarian into the range of cannon! At the third turn General Oorlog will be standing at the north mountain pass, which is the only location where he can break through, you should help him by earthquake the mountains away, so he can advance with his orks. General Oorlog will grateful slaughter some Mithril guards and 2 Dwarven Captains for you, and if lucky, he dissembles one of the northern wall cannons. He will at this turn likely send barbarians to plunder the city. You should kill the first captain, but if any Mithril Guard is in the way you can slaughter that unit instead. Keep your southern wall barbarian(s) out of the cannon range! On the next turn you can kill the first captain if you haven't done already, and then kill perhaps even the second captain (or walk close to it), if the dwarves spawned a druid, you should focus on that, the +5 health combined with mithril armour is really dangerous! The next turn you should kill the second captain, the third captain should be taken out with protection of an ogre shaman, since he will stay within the reach of a dwarven cannon. Once all captains are dead, it's time to focus on the colonels, Oorlog will kill three for you although it might take a while, but the two other Colonels will stay in the city and are heavily guarded by Mithril Guards and Cannons. First you will need to conquer the first portal inside the city, this is perhaps the hardest part in this level, but if you complete this you will have nearly the upper hand in the conquest. Once you have the portal launch an assault on the Colonels, Oorlog will likely have killed all his Colonels, as well with many dwarven infantry and cannons, and he will send a barbarian to take another portal at this point. The Dwarves will now begin summoning druids to boost their units, druids are dangerous and should be dispatched as fast as you can, the Dwarves at this point will have taken all their structures thus have a large mana income, do not think you have won yet. Once all Colonels are dead, the Commanders are your next target, one commander will be killed by Oorlog, another one by you and the last one will be killed by either faction. The Dwarves at this point will completely focus on killing Oorlog, though he has a large ork army, if he dies you lose your ally! Send an ogress and barbarians for backup and you can take structures with your barbarians. At this point the Dwarves will summon Civil Guards to hinder you, but still prefers the normal guards. You can try to capture a new portal, but that’s heavily defended (both portals are swarmed by mithril guards and cannons), bringing in cyclopes at this point is recommended, with their 40 attack and paralyze effect they can push the dwarves back, but keep them out of the cannons range, you can send shamans to protect your units from the cannons. Once you are close to the Commander, Oorlog's orks likely have slain the other commander already and they are on their way to kill the third commander. Give them a little help, a Shaman will do. Once the commanders are dead, you can access the supreme commander. This unit is located inside the "castle", which contains 4 very powerful cannons that are capable of killing any unit that approaches it. However an ogre shaman can protect your unit, but you must defend your shaman since the dwarves will summon lots of Civil Guards and druids to empower them at this point as well as barbarians to return some of the structures. The Elite guard should be paralyzed with cyclopes (or you can kill them, but they will always hit 5+ on you, which might hinder your gold score). And then Oorlog, or if he died a Cyclops/Ork (ork is faster but isn't able to one hit the commander), should finish of the Supreme Commander, and you win!


In-game description: The remnants of the elven, gnomish and dwarven armies have joined forces at a last stand at the gnomish fortress of Sindtuzoundri. With their destruction, the south will be ours.

  • Difficulty: 5
  • Reward: +25% Mana per turn.
Starting Units
Player 1 Goblin Commander (25 HP Goblin, leader), 8 Goblins, 2 Goblin Priests, 4 Hobgoblins, 4 Ogres, 4 Jogres
Orks (Ally) General Wagak (40 HP Ork, leader with +5 Damage), 12 Orks
Gnomes 20 Mounted Terrorbirds, 5 Gnomecopters, 5 Battle Tortoises, Supreme Tortoise (60 HP Battle Tortoise, leader), 1 Spirit Tree (10 HP Ent, with +5 boosting effect of a druid)
Elves 10 Elven Pikemen, 10 Elven Archers, 2 Elven Songstresses, Gawain (40 HP Elf Lord, leader)
Dwarves 20 Mithril Guard Dwarves, Captain Durin (30 HP Mithril Guard Dwarf, leader): all starting units wear Mithril Plate Armour
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Orks (Ally) Orks, Barbarians, Ourg (rare, only 1 every 10 turns)
Gnomes Mounted Terrorbirds, Gnomecopters, Battle Tortoises (rare), Barbarians
Elves Elven Pikemen, Elven Archers, Barbarians
Dwarves Mithril Guard Dwarves, Barbarians

During the most early part of the level, Wagak's orks will weaken the mithril guard dwarves. You should make sure that your units do not hinder his path. You will be attacked from three sides, luckily you start this level with a "small fortress", one portal in the middle, surrounded by walls and at each corner stands a tower captured by you, meaning that you start with 350 mana each turn (plus extra mana boosts), and there are a small amount of villages close to you to capture. Wagak also starts with this small fortress, but they are located more north on the map. The Dwarves should be dispatched first but you should wait until a clear path opens to Captain Durin. Mainwhile you should make sure that the elven pikemen (and the archers too) are not becoming to much of a hinderance, although they will likely attack Wagak. If the elven archers are getting closer to you a shaman might be beneficial. The Gnomes will prepare a flying assault with Gnomecopters so make sure you spawn a few hobgoblins in the early part and send a few to Wagak to prevent him and his orks being surounded by these and perhaps even kill Wagak. The Dwarves will at first try to expand their mana income, so make sure they capture as few settlements as possible. It's recommended to kill a barbarian that's capturing the village before a mithril guard (Wagak will likely kill the dwarves the next turn, but he often ignores barbarians). Use Earthquake once you get close to the mountains that block the dwarven portal (but only if close else he will have a free path) and try to block his portal. If you succeed, make sure that your unit doesn't die at the hands of angry dwarves, or the 3 hitting portal (although if you let your unit rest you will get 1 hp returned every turn). Focus on Durin the next turn, but make sure that you also pay attention to the defence and that you capture structures! Once Durin is dead, the gnomes will begin mourning him by summoning barbarians to capture the portal and send Terrorbirds as backup. Make sure you capture the portal else the gnomes will become super strong! Now you should help Wagak with the elves, as depending on how the battle has proceeded Wagak is either at the upper hand, or about to be defeated. Make sure Wagak does not die in the later scenario. Gawain is your target now, although you should let the orks kill Gawain, since you will get damaged to much. The gnomes will try to send a few copters into the mountains at this point, to eventually block your portals, make sure they do not succeed, or let a hobgoblin guard your portal if one comes close. You can also simply summon a goblin and let him stand on the portal, once he dies you can summon hobgoblins to finish them. Now you should focus on taking any remaining dwarven structures so you can increase your mana and make sure the Gnomes (who likely at this point will have Tortoises close to you or Wagak) do not become to much of a hinderance, and slower any tortoise with Goblins or Barbarians (They will both be instakilled but Goblins will get less damaged since they are warrior units but Barbarians have superiour speed and might capture structures you might have missed), eventually Wagar's Orks will finish them. Wagar at this point usually has increased stats, from 41 to 50, and thus he should be able to insta kill elven archers and Pikemen, if his HP is high enough. Let the orks kill the units while you send a sneaky barbarian, and perhaps your ogre shaman to capture the elves portal, and send ogresses to give some backup (and perhaps even kill Gawain). The gnomes will at this point have many structures and will begin building a huge army, although most of them consist of terrorbirds which can be killed by any warrior-unit with 17 attack or higher, you should pay more attention to gnomecopters. Once Gawain is defeated, take the elven portal and all their structures before the gnomes and then prepare for the final assault. Gnomes will send terrorbirds to delay you, but ogresses can counter them perfectly (since they are fast as well), the gnome copters should be destoyed with hobgoblins while the Battletortoises should be destroyed with 3 orks (Wagak can help you here) and the barbarians should be killed with any unit that cannot kill another unit that turn (if you have shamans remaining for example). The Spirit Tree can become annoying, especially in combination with copters and terrorbirds, however the gnomes protect it very well. At this point Wagar and a few orks will instantly rush towards the Supreme Tortoise, give him enough backup so he can kill him.

Goblin RaidersEdit

In-game description: While so far only humans under our control have been able to capture structures, goblins should be able to do this as well. We shall train our goblins to do so at this small fortress.

  • Difficulty: 2
  • Reward: Goblin units, including goblin priests, scouts and commanders, are now able to capture structers as if they are barbarian units.
Starting Units
Player 1 Goblin Commander (25 HP Goblin, leader), 8 Goblins, 2 Goblin Priests (All these units start with Flag Trinkets), 5 White Wolves
Saradomin 10 Paladins, 2 Saradomin Rangers, 1 White Knight, 1 Unicorn
Zamorak 10 Werewolves, 2 Zamorak Rangers, 1 Black Knight, 1 Hellhound
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Saradomin Paladins, Saradomin Rangers, White Knights, Barbarians
Zamorak Werewolves, Zamorak Rangers, Black Knights, Barbarians

Now you have full control over the south you can start slightly more relaxing, yet tactic level. You will start with no portals, while both Zamorak and Saradomin have a portal. Make sure you can claim the portal (send your Goblin commander there) while you deploy the rest of your units on villages and send the white wolf units into suicide missions (or rather have them close to the enemy so the enemy won't advance much). Saradomin and Zamorak will instead of their usual fighting eachother style, they will mostly focus on you in this level, although they do not have many powerful units, they are still dangerous. Once you've captured the portal, you should use the Shrine of Bandos and make sure you have enough mana to summon a few hobgoblins and perhaps ogresses (you can also armour one with mithril armour) and focus on one god and then focus on the other. This level shouldn't be to much trouble.

The Elves Strike BackEdit

In-game description: After their earlier defeats, the elves have gathered a large army, with the intent on taking revenge for their earlier loss. Kill them all and invade their lands!

  • Difficulty: 4
  • Reward: Your commander unit will get the ability to activate crystal shower at the beginning of your turn which does 1 damage (or healt 1 point at friendly units) at all units in 3x3 range, this version does not boost, or activate if no enemies or weakened allies are within the area.
Starting Units
Player 1 Goblin Commander (25 HP Goblin, leader), 10 Goblins, 2 Goblin Priests, 5 Hobgoblins, 5 Ogres, 1 Ogre Shaman, 5 Cyclops, 5 Orks, 1 Ourg
Seren 10 Dire wolves, 5 Falcons, 5 Black Bears, 5 Grenwalls, 10 Elven Pikemen, 10 Elven Archers, 5 Elven Shieldmaidens, 3 Elven Songstress, 3 Elven Ladies, 3 Elven Lords, Ddialedd (50HP Elf Lord, leader with flag trinket), 4 Crystalline Shape-Shifters (protecting Ddialedd)
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Seren Barbarians, Elven Pikemen, Elven Archers, Elven Shieldmaidens, Elven Ladies, Elven Songstress (rare); has unlimited "Crystal Rain" which covers a 5x5 area, inflicting 5 points of magic damage on all enemy units within it, and healing all friendly units by 5 points (or boosting them by 5 points, if at full health), and which they can use once every 5 turns.

Seren's Crystal Rain spell can be dangerous for your Commander unit so keep it close to the Ogre Shaman, as the spell is unable to affect any Ogre Shaman protected area. Seren might even use Cystal Rain to boost barbarians which allows them to capture towers faster.

Seren first send her animal units ahead, so make sure you can defeat them. Seren does not have a portal at this point, but Ddialedd will conquer one soon. After that they will summon barbarians to capture structures, while they are using their large army to weaken, or perhaps even eliminate you. Yet you start with a portal, and four towers giving you 350 mana each turn plus any extra mana earned through campaigns! Make sure you summon shamans at first, combined with stronger units, such as orks or even cyclopes. You can use the ourg to remove mountains so you can capture a extra tower or you can use earthquake instead. If you are going to use your ourg in battle make sure it's protected by a shaman, seren tends to release crystal rain on it and send her rangers to weaken it to such state that it is nearly dead so another unit can finish it. Seren will send her Rangers after the animals, but if you have all units protected by shamans, they will not be able to do much, you can send any more powerful unit at them to kill them and level your units. Once the Rangers are dead, Seren will bring in warrior units, such as Pikemen and Shieldmaidens, perhaps even combined with Songstresses (although they will not be very usefull, since your units are mostly warriors. As long as you send quick units and make sure that you are the first one to attack, you will be able to advance to Ddialedd without problems.

Do not just mindlessly send your commander unit within 7 squares from Ddialedd, since any unit that comes within the deadly 49 area will become a target for the crystaline shapeshifters. You should first send four weak barbarians within the zone, so once the crystalline shape-shifters instakill them, you can finish them off with any of the more powerful units. Once the Shapeshifters are dead, you should be able to kill Ddialedd and win!

Castle WarsEdit

In-game description: Bandos' prized castle has been under siege by his many enemies. Infuriated by this, he has demanded us to kill the attackers.

  • Difficulty: 5
  • Reward:
Starting Units
Player 1 Goblin Commander (25 HP Goblin, leader), 10 Goblins, 2 Goblin Priests, 5 Hobgoblins, 5 Ogres, 1 Ogre Shaman, 5 Cyclops
Throne Guard (ally) 4 Ourgs (65 HP, with Grappling Hook and +10 strength), 8 Orks (40 HP, with Grappling Hook and +5 strength,), 4 Bandos Snipers (30 HP Zamorak Rangers with +2 range, caged) all guard units, 24 Goblins
Zamorak (Greater demon, leader), 3 Greater Demons, 5 Hellhounds, 10 Black Knights
Saradomin (Icyene, leader), 3 Lions, 5 Unicorns, 10 White Knights
Armadyl (Aviansie, leader), 10 Aviansie
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Throne Guard Barbarians, Goblins, Goblin Priests

You should always protect Bandos located on his Throne, in the very centre of this level, because if any opponent unit reaches the location, Bandos gets furious and destroys the entire area (seen in a cutscene), and therefore the mission will be lost. The Throne Guard, and the pieces of wall will slow down or kill most units getting near the throne, only more powerful units or flyers can be a problem, if the snipers are weakened.

Sending your Hobgoblins towards the Armadyl's units is recommended, since they can easily be dealth with first, as they will be very low on mana on that point.

Achievements for this campaign Edit

Achievement name Requirements Orb Points Orb Coins Members Only?
Bandos Favours Me Deal more damage than General Blork during Big High Hill. 200 2 Yes
Bandos' Silver Achieve a silver medal score on all missions in the campaign. 300 3 Yes
Bandos' Gold Achieve a gold medal score on all missions in the campaign. 500 5 Yes
Perfect Guide Escort Oorlog through the swamp without him taking any damage. 300 3 Yes
300 3 Yes
500 5 Yes


  • This was the first campaign that featured the ability to upgrade the base effects of the units as rewards from completing missions. It was also the longest campaign with 38 missions, as opposed to the previous record holder Guthix Awakens with 22 missions.
  • Several missions on the campaign contain references to Greek mythology:
    • The missions "Legend of the Pontus" and "Beasts of the Pontus" are named after Pontus, a region on the southern coast of the Black Sea in modern-day Turkey where the Amazons were considered to have lived.
    • The Amazons in the mission "Legend of the Pontus" are a reference to the mythological all-female tribe. Likewise, the leader of the Amazons in the mission, Hippolyta, is named after the leader of the Amazons, who was featured in the Labours of Heracles.
    • The mission "Beasts of the Pontus" appears to be inspired by the Labours of Heracles, and the units at the enemy team are based on the beasts he defeated during his Labours: the Lion represents the Nemean Lion, the Hedera and Hedera's Heart represent the Lernean Hydra, the Falcons represent the Stymphalian Birds, and the three Hellhounds represent Cerberus.
    • Sir Berus, a White Knight in the mission "The Slug Menace", might also be a reference to the labours of Heracles, as his name appears to be a pun on Cerberus, and in RuneScape all White Knights have names based on puns.
    • Theseus, the leader Centaur in the mission "Trapper", is a reference to the legendary hero of same name.
    • Odyssey, the leader of the Cyclopes in the mission "Your Sole Purpose" is also a reference to the titular hero of in Homer's Odyssey.
  • The four goblin enemy teams in the mission "Test of Leadership" are named after four of the twelve goblin tribes in RuneScape. Their names, Rekeshuun, Ekeleshuun, Idithuun and Narogoshuun translate to "Goblins of the North", "Goblins of the East", "Goblins of the South" and "Goblins of the West": fittingly enough, each of the tribes start at the general direction of the map their name refers to.
  • The mission "Battle at Bloody Beach" is a reference to a 1961 drama of the same name. The three leaders of Saradomin on the mission, Sir Benson, Lady Ruth and Sir Julio are all references to the drama's three main characters: Craig Benson, Ruth Benson, and Julio Fontana.
  • In Gnomish language, Priw Andra means "Tree City". Likewise, the name of the opposing team of the mission, Priwguir, means "Tree guardian", and the name of the mission and the fortress "Sindtuzoundri" means "Big open lands".
  • The mission "The Slug Menace" is a reference to the RuneScape quest The Slug Menace. Likewise, it seems that The Slug Queen from the mission is the same Slug Queen that appears in RuneScape as the quest's main antagonist.
  • In the mission "Your Sole Purpose", the Centaur leaders Firenze, Bane, Ronan and Magorian are named after centaurs from Harry Potter book series.
  • The mission "Fall of the Mithril City" has a very similar layout and resemblance of Oo'glog from RuneScape.
  • In the mission "Sindtuzoundri", the leader of the dwarves, Captain Durin, may be named after Durin, which is the name of seven Dwarven kings in J. R. R. Tolkien's legandarium. Likewise, the name of the leader of the elves on the same level, Gawain, is likely a reference to the Knight of the Round Table of the same name from Arthurian legend.
  • General Oorlog's name is based on Oo'glog and the Dutch word Oorlog, meaning war. According to Jagex, the location Oo'glog is named after the ourg general, but the ogresses living in there eventually forgot how his name exactly sounded or had issues with pronouncing it.
  • In the mission "The Elves Strike Back", the name of the the leader of the elves on the level, Ddialedd, is derived from the Welsh language, as is usual for all elves in RuneScape. In Welsh language, Ddialedd means "revenge", "vengeance" and "reprisal".
  • The music that plays in the mission selection screen is a remix of the Runescape soundtrack "Bandos Battalion".