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The Immortals Storyline character
Arasiovik Hellenius "The Traveller".
Birth Aprox. 300BA
Death Still Living
Profession Thief, Wanderer
Affiliation The Hellenius Family, Immortals
First Revenge of the Alone Ones
Last Ongoing
That's just the fun of it.
— The Traveller, Voyage to the Edge of the World

Arasiovik Hellenius, or The Traveller as he is known, is an Immortal member of the Hellenius Family. He is the younger brother of The Assassin, and currently is the only Immortal to know his brother's true name. Arasiovik's life was less noble than his brother, although after an age-long exile he has begun to travel with his brother and learn from him.

Biography Edit

Arasiovik Hellenius was born in 300(BA), 200 years after The Assassin. He was thought not to have powers, as he had exhibited no signs of abnormal ability. By this time, The Assassin was already exploring Lunica, and for a while didn't know of his existence (The Traveller only met him in 14(1st), several centuries after his birth.)

Arasiovik was bullied in school due to his lack of powers, and through this he learned to use psychology against his enemies. He left school early at 16 and travelled to Gielinor (despite certain laws that said he was under-age). He settled down with a family in the area that would be known as Catherby. He was quick to exploit the area's shores and increase his fishing level. Starting a fishing business, he brought many fishers and cooks to the area.

When Arasiovik became a master fisher, he decided to move away from Catherby and venture further south. He came across Ardougne, and became regular visitor to the Sorcerer's Tower. He eventually got a job working in the Castle, and witnessed a lot of Ardougne's history.

A long period of Arasiovik's life is unknown, although it is generally seen that he led a life less noble that his brother. He is recorded by the Varrock Guard as a master thief, and as an occupation on an Ardougne census during the fourth age he put "Thief/Carpenter". It is also known that in the latter half of the fourth age he was made to wander the desert in exile by the Immortals , given the alias Traveller, although the reasons for this are unknown.

In 115 (5th), Arasiovik was called from his exile temporarily to testify in court against his half-nephew, Gorak Spartacus, who used banned Dark Magic against him in the desert. This led to Gorak's imprisonment and eventual exile.


Wandering the desert...

Personality Edit

Arasiovik's is much more laid-back than his brother, possibly not understanding the experiences the Assassin has been through and the effect it has on him. He is a skilled builder and crafter, and has a knack for mathematics. Because of his human influences, he sometimes finds it difficult to take in the Immortal way of life.

Immortal Powers Edit

Arasiovik's power is Aquakinesis. In the early stages of development, it subconsciously allowed him to survive long periods of time without the consumption of water. After a long while, Traveller manifested his full ability.

An alternate Arasiovik seems to also have the power of Enhanced Strength.

Trivia Edit

  • Arasiovik's power was originally going to be "Teleportation".
  • In an alternate world, Arasiovik is left behind after The Assassin's death to fight against Angeror

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