Altar tokens are rewarded to players after killing any monster in Guthix's altar, however a player does not receive the tokens on their first Guthix dragon kill, but they will receive tokens for every kill after the first. Altar tokens can be exchanged the Guthix dragon (NPC) for several rewards, but this feature isn't available until after the first guthix dragon kill, which requires level 99 in all skills. Therefore level 99 in all skills is required to exchange altar tokens.

The Guthix dragon rewards players with 260-340 tokens per kill. Guthixian magesrangers and warriors reward players with 1 token per kill. Tormented dragons reward players with 10 tokens per kill.


Nex equipment boxEdit

With 2000 altar tokens a player can purchase a Nex equipment box, which is guaranteed to contain a single piece from either the Virtus, Pernix or Torva armour set (including gloves and boots, excluding weapons). The piece that the player receives is completely random.

Dragon equipment boxEdit

With 200 altar tokens a player can purchase a Dragon equipment box, which is guaranteed to contain a single dragon armour or weapon piece, including any tools (e.g Dragon pickaxe and Dragon harpoon). All items being equally likely.

Herb boxEdit

A herb box can be bought with 90 altar token, opening the box reveals 100 noted grimy herbs. The herbs can be either cadantine, lantadyme, dwarf weed, torstol or fellstalk. Each herb being equally likely.

Smithing boxEdit

A smithing box can be bought for 90 altar tokens. The box contains 100 noted bars, each of which could be either adamant or rune.


Other than boxes, there are still a large variety of rewards for which altar tokens can be exchanged for.

Item Cost Description Average profit per token
Grimy dwarf weed Mystery herb 1 A single random grimy herb is given to the player, the random herb can be any herb received from the herb box. 6,950
Rune bar Mystery bar 1 A rune or adamant bar is given to the player, each with a equal chance 8,556
Magic logs Mystery log 1 A magic or elder log is given to the player, each with a equal chance 2,829
Onyx bolts (e) 1 Onyx bolts (e) 2 A single enchanted onyx bolt 4,172
Oceanstone bolts 1 Oceanstone bolts (e) 3 A single enchanted oceanstone bolt N/A
Ascendri bolts (e) 1 Ascendri bolts (e) 3 A single enchanted ascendri bolt 3,442
Ancient dragon bones Ancient dragon bones 3 Buried for prayer experience N/A
Whale Cooked whale 3 A single cooked whale 5,611
Loch ness Cooked loch ness 4 A single cooked loch ness 4,852
Yellow dragonleather Yellow dragonleather 3 A single yellow dragonleather N/A
White dragonleather White dragonleather 4 A single white dragonleather N/A
Overload flask (6) Overload flask(6) 30 A single 6 dose overload flask N/A
Supreme draconic visage Supreme draconic visage 6,000 A supreme draconic visage to be attached to a anti-dragon shield 5,333
Oceanstone Oceanstone 10,000 A cut Oceanstone gem N/A