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Alliance of Similar Wildernessans
AoSW flag
Also called? AoSW, Alliance
Members only? N/A
Size 200,000 soldiers
Location Wilderness
Requirements Living in the Wilderness
Insignia Full gold robes for mages, full green robes for rangers, full gray robes for meleers, and Gilded armour for field officers.
AoSW soldiers

Some Alliance soldiers at the Grand Exchange during the Battle of Varrock.

Similar to the United Karamjan Tribes, the Alliance of Similar Wildernessans was a temporary banding together smaller factions. The Alliance of Similar Wildernessans was made up of people who lived in the Wilderness with the intent of taking Asgarnia and Misthalin} by force.

After the Wilderness Wars, they were disbanded, since being under control of the Kingdom of Golathia.

Wilderness Wars
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