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The Dracomancer Saga character
Sergeant Malfoy
Albus Malfoy
Birth 140(5th)
Death 172(5th) (Short resurrection in 180 (5th))
Profession Group Sergent
Affiliation Dracomancers
First Peacekeepers
Last Souls of the Damned

Sergeant Albus Malfoy was the Group Leader of the Ardougne Division of the Dracomancers.

History Edit

Albus was born to Sebastian and Stephanie Malfoy in 130(5th). From a young age he was interested in melee fighting, especially craving Dragon armour and wanting one day to be skillful enough to wear it. He signed up to the Misthalinian Army at the age of 20 and quickly ascended the ranks. An incident in Asgarnia (in 152(5th)) between Albus and a few friends meant that he was expelled from his position and his job in the army. The details of what happened there are very few, so it is unknown why.

Still wishing to be part of an army system, Albus went to Port Khazard and enlisted in the Khazard Navy, who ignored the incident with Misthalin. He took intensive training, never having seen or used a sea-craft before. One day, a year after he enlisted, he accidentally sailed into the Dracomancers' ventilation tower while training. The Dracomancers, fearing attack, brought down his ship but saved Albus's life. Realizing their mistake, they attempted to expel him, but at the last minute he asked to become part of their organisation.

He was soon trained to a high standard, and repeated his pattern of ascending high in the ranks. He decided to settle, however, at the rank of Group Sergeant, specifically in the Ardougne area. So for nearly a decade, he trained lower ranking soldiers that worked in the Ardougne area, learning how to exhibit discipline and patience. Two of his students came back to him: Terry Georgus and Foggy Christifor.(No, not Christiphor).

In 164(5th), the King Dracomancer asked Albus to be part of the Draconis Project, an eight year program to build an army to liberate some of the world's overrun nations. This entailed an expert enlistment plan of young soldiers, with enhanced training, that would produce around four-thousand soldiers per year. Albus agreed to this challenge, and for the next eight years he mass-trained young men wishing for glory.

By 172(5th), the project was nearly over, and Malfoy had trained over 2800 trainees. The Order of Angry Monsters had launched an invasion on Varrock, and Albus, as well as his two lieutenants, were sent to deal with it. They fought in the sewers of Varrock, and, after much more petty arguing, Albus led his soldiers into battle against a new threat, the Scorpozi. He was killed by the cookie monster soon after it left this world. The one who excelled because of Albus's training the most in the battle was the Time-Lord, John Dixon

Years passed. Albus was forgotten, only remembered in the ceremonies that were held each year after the Battle. But Draco felt he was once again in a time of need, and in 180(5th) the god Draco, patron of the Dracomancers, brought him from the dead. His form was brought into body of a Zamorakian Technological Institute Scientist, and he proceeded to help John Dixon, Prototype and The Assassin to destroy Death and seal the Void. After the Void was sealed, Albus died once more, although this time peacefully.

Personality Edit

Albus was strong, determined and forceful. He always intended to do the right thing, but was nevertheless ruthless when it came to fighting his battles. His family members felt that his lust for violence and fighting at a young age was an omen, a sign of bad things to come. Albus's biggest goal was to prove his family wrong, and in the end he died trying to save the world. His fierce determination and skill helped him to come to terms with his resurrection and eventual second death.

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