Air Ultima II
Air Ultima II icon
Members? Yes
Level 120
Spellbook Alphan
Type Combat

Air weakness icon Air

Damage 1152
Runes 1Alpha rune5Blood rune10Death rune20Water rune100Air rune

Quest Alphans' Quest

Description: A missile that spawns more surge missiles.

Air Ultima II or Blizzard is the most powerful spell to be casted at RuneScape. It is able to spawn five surge missiles then followed by unfailable Ice Barrage in contrast to Air Ultima, which spawns three surge missiles then followed by Bind. Like all other Alpha spellbook magics, it needs to finish the Grandmaster quest of the alphans. Buying 'Master Cryomagics' from Mazkentohrn will enable you to cast the spell for 252,800 coins or 150 Ains (the currency of Xazania) in addition of Purchasing the spell for 300,000 coins or 240 Ains.


Ultimas. Astral trio and Gerssick will rise their hands upwards and will yell "BLIZZARD!. Above opponent and player are tornado and 5 surges orbiting the caster. They'll remain orbiting for 10 seconds. Every 2 seconds the spinning clusters will summon Ice Rush. After 10 seconds they'll start falling down through the player with an interval of 3 seconds. After the main missile hit the player. Within half of a second, the Ice Barrage effect will be started.

Spell Costs
Runes Cost
100Air rune 20Water rune 10Death rune 5Blood rune 1Alpha rune Coins 1000 9,065
Staff Cost
20Water rune 10Death rune 5Blood rune 1Alpha rune Staff of air Coins 1000 6,565
100Air rune 10Death rune 5Blood rune 1Alpha rune Staff of water Coins 1000 8,685

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