Air Ultima
Air Ultima icon
Members? Yes
Level 101
Spellbook Alphan
Type Combat

Air weakness icon Air

Damage 969
Runes 1Alpha rune1Blood rune2Death rune20Air rune

Quest Alphans' Quest

Air Ultima or Whirlwind is the second most powerful air spell at RuneScape (first being Air Ultima II). It needs 20 Air runes, 1 Blood runes and 2 Death runes to cast and Alphans' Quest to be finished. You also need to buy Supreme Magic Potion, which aids you to get 101 Magic (which the potion boosts by 21-20 points). Beware, you will get 500 damage when drunk, and adds 200 more damage when drinking the second dose, 250 at the third, and 350 at the last dose (1300 altogether). Although this spell is very expensive, this can spawn two surges of air then followed by Bind. Its maximum damage is 969.

Spell Costs
Runes Cost
20Air rune 2Death rune 1Blood rune 1Alpha rune Coins 1000 2,537
Staff Cost
2Death rune 1Blood rune 1Alpha rune Staff of air Coins 1000 2,037

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